Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rose Colored Glasses...Take 'em off!

Usually every year there's 1 or 2 songs that really stick out to me so much that they make an impact on how I view certain things in life. One of these songs last year was, "Rose Colored Glasses" by Kelly Rowland (1/3 of Destiny's Child).

                                           Kelly Rowland- Rose Colored Glasses (video)

When I heard the song in the Murrieta salon, I automatically knew it was Kelly. She has this distinctive voice that just resonates, and being a HUGE fan of Destiny's Child, somehow her voice is ingrained into my head. The beat itself keeps you going throughout the whole song, and when I saw the video, the song was even better to me!

"Rose Colored Glasses" talks about a relationship that's been on the rocks for a while, everything on the outside looks perfect and amazing, but only they know the truth behind the smiles. It explains how everyone around them see's perfection and unlike on the inside of the relationship, it really seems and is the exact opposite. The chorus really puts it into perspective, and it reads as follows:

They don't know, what I know
They never seen that part of you,
They know the lies, I know the truth.
They say stay, I say go
They never seen our scars before,
They think our love is beautiful.

'Cos everything is beautiful when you're lookin through

Rose colored glasses.
Everything seems amazin when you see the view in
Rose colored glasses.
Take 'em off. 

Pretty much these "Rose Colored Glasses" serve as a shield to hide everything, and as Kelly's singing it near the end, "Take 'em off", it's seems to be about that time for a lot of people.

Time and time again we can continue to live these lies that only live within our actions. Once we've discovered them, and yet live thru them and sweep them under the rug, we've purchased our priceless pair of "Rose Colored Glasses".

I've met beautiful people who unfortunately fit the profile of a lie. In my last relationship, everyone around me really liked the person I had next to me, they glorified the feeling of me being with someone that just made it all I thought. I'm one to take it to the next level when it is necessary and in the proper time. Unfortunately, our timing was off, although we were the same age, and even though I knew the timing was off, my Rose Colored Glasses seemed to fit just right and I wanted to hide the inevitable. When the time came for ME to make a decision, tears only filled my heart and soul because I held off on confronting the truth behind the smiles, the laughter, the sarcasm, and even the hugs. Everyday I came closer to taking the pair of Rose Colored Glasses off, but I couldn't, because it was going to hurt me and the one person involved, I didn't want to be the cause of a demise and hurt someone I did care about. Until the time came...and it was time to take 'em off.

Was it the best thing I did? Yes...Was it at the right time? Yes...Did it hurt? Oh Yes...Did we learn? Yes

All I can say is that while I had on the Rose Colored Glasses, I didn't know where to go. A person can be so beautiful on the outside and while that makes it ok for us to move forward, the outcome will not be what we bargained for. At one time or another, TRUTH will face us off in a match that only TRUTH will win. I took time to heal by really looking at what made me want to have this "Perfect Desire", and came to find that it was just that, a fictional "Perfect Desire". Needless to say, were both in better places in our lives and learned to move on peacefully.

Word to the wise, if everything looks beautiful when you're looking thru Rose Colored Glasses...take 'em off.

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  1. I had a wonderful time tonight! Thanks for the Yaki!!! You have a beautiful heart, Erik:) Love your blog! What about Ryan Phillipe as Rio??????LOL!