Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LIFE is what you WANT it to be

Everyday is a different situation for everyone in this world, whether you have a desk 9-5 job, freelance, mechanic, computer programming, receptionist, etc. Although their is a BIG difference between what IS and what one WANTS....half the time we have to go with what IS.....but truth be told...what's wrong with what we WANT? Absolutely NOTHING!

In the salon's I get VICTIM'S (a.k.a clients) that come in all sorts of frowns and smiles. Believe me when I say that even I'm not that peppy at times, but I'm also not a Debbie Downer. VICTIM'S who will make your life hell are out to get the world and destroy all the happiness that exists, while the VICTIM'S who are peppier than life itself have a "Sweet Tart" flavor to them (sweet/sour at the same time). Yet, there seems to be no in between...why is that?

In 2010 I got rid of 10-12 VICTIM'S from my client list due to their incessant needs and very unnecessary demands that made MY job miserable (this by the way is NO secret).  I kept thinking to myself, "I'm in such a bad mood! I can't stand it!" So then, I thought I was exaggerating, and I would continue to see them, after the 3rd-4th visit, I cut them off completely! I was mentally drained by them because everything I seemed to do on them was never good enough, I was their punching bag and I was expected to make them feel so deliciously amazing that I was sweating it for no apparent reason...and then seriously speaking I said to myself, "This is MY career of choice! Why on earth would I let ANYONE make it miserable for me?" That's where the calls went out that I would no longer be accepting them back in my chair.

Questions such as:
*"Do you know how much money you're losing?"
*"Do you know what you're doing?"
*"You're gonna shoot yourself in the foot and what for?"
*"Is this really what is necessary?"

were asked by those around me and the peeping tom's that were listening with their sonic ears for drama. This was by far the very 1st time I actually took charge of what I wanted the outcome of my career to be. I even cut off the "friends" that were weighing me down. As hard as that was to realize and act upon it, I needed to do it. What good would I be if I'm always in a bad mood or grouchy? I have fought for so long to make sure my name, Busy Little Queen, stood for nothing but positivity and security with oneself, why would I jeopardize myself just for monetary purposes and/or for the sake of hanging out with them? It didn't make sense to me.

Since then, I look forward to making a positive difference in someone's life. I live to make sure I can make someone smile and remind them how much they should love themselves. The salon visit in my chair is beyond making someone look good, it's about making sure the overall GOAL has been met and a great feeling was able to be reached.

If I do feel it is necessary to part ways with someone, it's always better just coming out with it instead of thinking too hard about it and wasting precious time in life. I want to make sure that once you leave those salon doors, you're ready to conquer the world with love and positivity. Same goes for those in my inner circle, if it's not going well, if you're miserable, it's time to split and make someone else's life miserable, don't come to me with a "Nasty" soul.

LIFE is what you WANT it to be, and for me, I want to make a difference with my gift,
after all, 
this IS what I WANT, and my message to ALL of YOU, 
YOU are the only one that matters! 

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