Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spying in the Hair Salon

As we speak, I'm reporting from my hair salon that I work at here in Murrieta, Ca. I've always wanted to sit back and see for myself what exactly goes on n a hair salon when clients leave and we have a little time to ourselves...well, this is what I see:

*Stylists are retouching they're make up
*Stylists are cutting their own hair, something doesn't look right apparently (hmmm..)
*The breakroom is filled with silence as one stylist is sitting across from the other (awkward!)
*One stylist constantly looks at herself to see if everything is in place
*Lots of hair sweeping
*In the color room, intense chemistry is going on that the energy's a bit much
*2 stylists are battling over eachother, "Thank you so much!" "No thank you so much!!"

The salon world is filled with it all! There's so much estrogen flowing that the occasional stare down happens a lot and they don't even know they're doing it (most likely due to their hunger) T.V. has this facade that women are out to destroy eachother and they're always ready to rumble over the next client coming in through the door. As much as the world would like to see a catfight in public, the stylists here in this salon actually get along! Truth be spoken!

Me being a boy in a female dominated world just makes the mix all that much more interesting. Luckily I was raised by women, so I know when to step down when I see one of the female stylists irritated. Also lucky for me, I'm a fatty at heart and love food, so I surprise them with their favorite Starbucks drink or pastry, I learned a lot from dealing with my Mom for 18 years under the same roof, phew!

Were so human in here, sometimes we get so wrapped up in pleasing others so much that we forget the reason why were here in the 1st place, it's because we love what we do, we love to create new images. Times have come and gone where we've been crying, get mad and irritated, don't feel so good, colds are going all over the place, yet, we seem to pull it together to make someone else's day better. Just like all of you, we want to see and make smiles happen.

Hairstylists are a lot of things, one for sure is that were simply human, were not the catty beings you see on T.V....well, sometimes, I'll make sure to keep you guys updated and spy in on a rumble next time it happens..hahahahaha! Just kidding : )

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  1. I dig it erik! A fatty at heart? se te olvido the pancita too? =P I love you!!