Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Storms Come but Fade Away

I believe it was last week when Jennifer Hudson was on Oprah, and if you haven't seen her lately, you HAVE to!! She looks amazing! Her energy is glowing!

She spoke about her weight loss, her baby son, her husband, and for the first time ever, the loss of her Mom, Brother and Nephew 2 years ago.

I have to say that by far, this human being has been so strong, that my mind couldn't grasp around how she overcame her loss and still manages to smile and continue with life even though the BIGGEST storm of her life came and rattled her world. My sister and I were laughing, crying, and overjoyed to see the strength this woman has! Oprah asked her how she was able to cope with her grief and how she was doing now, 2 years later, and Jennifer said, "My baby, my husband, family and GOD". Isn't this the TRUTH of it all?!

I'm sure all of us could agree that with those in our inner circle, our foundation, anything is possible. They're the one's we cling to when we need them the most, they're the one's who hear us out and pull us out of any hole we seem to have gotten ourselves in. It's so easy to say, "I can do it, it's no problem", that's the first stage of denial.  Then we resurface with, "This is my storm, I can sail through this by myself cause I got myself here", yet, were only covering ourselves with so much pride that we become blind. It may be hard to ask for help, but it's a lot harder to go through the storm by yourself.

Ever since I was a kid I always showed my softer side, as an adult, I still do. The only difference between then and now is that I decipher whether or not I can survive when the "Storms" come. By surviving I mean moving on and taking in a great lesson along with me. Like anyone in this world, I've lost loved ones, friends, mentors, etc. and each time, it's never easy. Times come when my world's collide, when betrayal sets in, and even lightning strikes when my world seems to be at peace. When this happens, my pride used to set in an instant and the only person worthy of battling my issues would be me. Then as the years have gone by, I started to see and learn that I didn't have to go through "Storms" by myself, you can take people along with you to help you, to help cover you when you need it.

In this world, we live LIFE, we don't live in a paradise. We unfortunately need to go through the "Storms" to grow, to learn we can survive, to discover and expand our foundation. If we go through LIFE battling our own "Storms" by ourselves, we will lose something along the way, that can easily be who we once were. I keep saying to everyone these days that we HAVE to live LIFE for what it is and not let it get to us. Easier said than done, although, allow someone to come along for the ride with you, things will get easier.

I applaud Jennifer Hudson for her strength and her belief in moving on for her family. She even said that her pain still lives, it comes in waves, yet, being with her son and family makes things easier for her to look forward to the future.

A BIG side note to this, if you can't trust anyone to go through the "Storms" with you, knock on GOD'S door anytime, at least, he's ready to listen : )

Storms do Come my friends but at least they Fade Away

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