Friday, April 8, 2011

CELEBRATE change, don't FEAR it!

CHANGE can come in many ways, usually the very first thing that an individual tends to change when something traumatic has happened is their appearance, why? It's the easiest to do so, it's also one of the scariest moments one can go through, YET a liberating feeling one could ever get!

In the past 10 years of doing hair, I've seen it time and time again:

  • "My boyfriend and I broke up, CUT my hair off!"
  • "I just lost a loved one, CHANGE my color!"
  • "My wife is pissing me off, SHAVE my head!"
  • "I'm pregnant and fat, I want my hair in a BOB!" (believe it or not, this is a very common one)
  • "I'm ready for a CHANGE, do whatever you want!"

It's usually one of those awkward times that I tend to giggle out of nerves, give a smirk to my clients, and start dissecting every little aspect of why it is they want to change so bad, and I usually ask if this is something they really want to do, of course, this is THEIR look, not mine.

Although I have to say, many times we can be so emotionally crippled and emotionally blind that when were in a desperate need of change, we go for the easiest thing we can get our hands on, and 9 times out of 10, we end up disliking what was done to us and come back to earth. Not thinking clearly is NOT a symptom, it's a phase, a state of confusion that lasts anywhere from a couple hours to GOD knows when, until we snap out of it. Think of it as blacking out, then all of a sudden we wake up and go,"Ahhhhhhh!!! What the hell?"

Sound familiar??? Yup, I thought so too!

Well my friends, here are a couple ways you can save yourself an emotional outburst,  a change for the better, and still be able to feel liberated:

  1. When you're having an emotional moment, DON'T call your hairstylist first, call your best friend, Mom, Dad, anyone who will listen to you.
  2. DON'T look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, "You need some help fast!" 
  3. CHANGE is there when you're ready to go to the next level, when you're ready to better yourself, not take it for granted.
  4. CHANGE is not forgetting who you once were, it's celebrating YOUR growth and moving on while holding your head up high.
  5. While it is scary having to change something about yourself, make sure you clear it up with your heart, and NOT subconscious (meaning, be level headed and be ready emotionally)
  6. DON'T fear CHANGE, EXPRESS it to the fullest, make your new self known!
  7. Finally, if you can, inhale and exhale slowly 3 times, and if you feel like the BEST of you is to come, free yourself of your past, look forward to your future, and enjoy the process of your CHANGE, for you know it'll feel so good and liberating once you've reached a whole NEW you!
If anything, CELEBRATE change, don't FEAR it!

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