Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Roll the Credits

As most of EVERYONE knows, one of my favorite singers/client/friend is Paula Deanda! I met Paula through my other friends, the pop girl band La Conquista back in 2007 and we have worked together and kept in contact ever since. She is one of the most appreciative and wonderful human beings to ever grace the Entertainment Industry! Can anyone ever relate to Paula's music? YES!!! Here's how I relate to one of her songs:


"Roll the Credits" deals with a relationship having to come to not only listening to the Truth, but having to see it and going through the motions. One of the hardest saying's that is often said is, "I gotta see it to believe it"...isn't that now the honest TRUTH!

If I was to "Roll the Credits" on my life now, so many names would be changed, and overall, I would be in a lead, not a supporting role as I was before. 

In both the professional and personal aspect, I've been replaced so many times that it doesn't really phase me much anymore now as it did back then. I know that change must happen in order for us to grow and for life to move on so we can reach a higher place. Yet, it doesn't make the feeling any better. 

Times come and go where you can't help to take these changes in the "script" personal, the good thing though is that with every scribble and erasing, you learn to adapt and function in the new role you were put in. Do you get something out of it? I say definitely! If you've accepted every decision you've made because you firmly believe you made the right choice for you, LESSON LEARNED...if you need the help along the way, TAKE IT!

In my teenage years up to when I was 17 yrs of age, I looked at the glass 1/2 Full instead of 1/2 Empty. From 17-24, it was 1/2 empty most of the time until I got myself back up slowly. From 25- Now, it's FULL. I've always been told that I don't really accept the help I need because I like to do everything myself, yet, WE all need help at one point. I'm happy to say I gladly accept it now when it is offered and comes my way in those scribble and erasing times. 

If anything, POSITIVITY is the overall message and is the KEY to any "script" change...and as Paula sings it oh so well:

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