Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TRUST comes a long way!

I usually write 2 blogs a week, but for some reason, last week I needed to step back a bit and look at life around me and what was really going on in the world...and well...TRUST comes a long way!

Let's dissect shall we:


As a hairstylist, one must earn the TRUST of a client within the first 5 times it's a struggle due to either me not feeling the client or the client not opening to me..either or. Last week was more or less TRUST between myself and my regulars. I had to really captivate what they were desiring and separate what they actually really needed. It was DIFFICULT!!! I really had to question my craft and test what I was all about! Pleasing others has got to be one of the scariest yet hardest things one can do in any industry, yet, I've survived 10 years in it, thus far (knock on wood)!

At 27 years of age, TRUSTING myself is always the last thing I do! Why? Can you blame me? I'm HUMAN! I always question my actions, yet, I don't pester myself that much thank goodness! I'm in the midst of transition right now and have to plan, literally, month to month and week by week. It's exhausting yet, I like it for some reason. I listen to the advice that's given to me, yet, I have a hard time not questioning what's best for the time being and in the future. I have to admit, it scares me to know that I'm 2.5 years away from turning 30, only for the fact that I have certain goals I want to reach before then. Can you tell I'm very persistent...and yet, I live with this! I've come a long way due to the wonderful word called FAITH...I have a lot of it and do indeed TRUST in GOD ALWAYS....he's my saving grace in all the madness inside my insecurities!

With those around me, I find it interesting to see how often they find TRUST being against them and not for them. It's not a lack of confidence and it's not a lack of them failing to earn TRUST, it's more of them actually NOT using the action of TRUST. How exactly is that done? By being strong in what is said and done, it's one thing to SAY it and it's one thing to DO  it. When you want to prove yourself to somebody, it goes hand in hand to actually see a result of what was said, whether the outcome being good or bad. This world is filled with false promises and false words...with siblings, lovers, marriages, etc. Let's put strength back in TRUST  and see that it contains an end result and not an empty one!

In the end, TRUST really has it's way with life. What makes TRUST so strong is the will to have a belief behind it, like when we say it on a daily basis:

"I trust that ALL will get better"

"Trust me, I'll show you!"

"Trust that the world see's the Truth"


Yet overall, I saw that WE, even I, seemed to have lacked the strength to back up TRUST in some cases and instances. Reminding yourself can only do so much, it's putting the action into play that makes the world at least bit by bit, a much better place.....

TRUST yourself and in ONE another, for there is much Life to accomplish, 
no matter the AGE! 
-Erik Velasco

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