Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Music Inspires LIFE

The past few weeks, I've been hooked on American Idol and The Voice on T.V. just like the rest of America.  It's amazing for me to see such great talent, and so young too!!!

Some of the best voices and artists come out of these shows and I'm pretty sure that with both these shows put together, we'll be hearing from a lot of these up and coming musicians/singers within the next couple years!

I especially love how now these shows have actual singers/musicians that have made it in the industry and are able to coach the new generation of Talent. 

On American Idol, I was apprehensive when they announced that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were going to be on Idol, yet, it intrigued me how they were going to do on the I started it watching it from the beginning..and behold, it was soooo GOOD!!! I'm loving how Jennifer is so detailed in her wording when it comes to her critiques, and I'm loving Steven Tyler and how he jumps at the chance to give the singers the initial critique or a thumbs up! At this point, it's the Top 4...and it's gearing down!

On The Voice, it's such a fresh concept with established artists! Loving the different opinions and the different genre's..also, how it's simply "Yay" or "Nay". Each artist is eloquent in what they're looking for and they're so catty with each other...whoa! Right now they're in the battling part of the show where 2 of the artists they picked go head to head on the same song and the coach has to choose who stays and who about anxiety!!!

Thanks to shows like these and others like Star Search, Making the Band, Popstars, etc., they've allowed for America and the rest of the world to showcase what talents they have to show and share with the rest of us...just take a look at how many have come up due to these shows:

Star Search:

Destiny's Child
Leann Rimes
Justin Timberlake
Christina Aguilera
Beth Hart
 (Many more...)

Making the Band:

Danity Kane
Day 26


Eden's Crush
Scene 23

American Idol:

Kelly Clarkson
Carrie Underwood
Jennifer Hudson
David Cook
Jordin Sparks
 (Many more...)

I say we move on forward with these shows, they inspire the fire from within..therefore,

Music Inspires LIFE

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