Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Who says this is a bad thing?"

As a teen 11 years ago I remember watching one of my favorite girl groups go through one of their toughest yet triumphant time periods of their career. It was either a sink or swim situation and they made it through the storm to now have become of the most successful girl groups in HISTORY! In the interviews they gave to the media they were constantly asked what type of drama went on behind the scenes and whether or not they even thought they themselves would make it through due to constant allegations and negativity that was being thrown in their direction....and I distinctly remember them say,

"Who says this is a bad thing? The negativity is just giving us the strength to move on, cause the three of us are SURVIVOR'S!"- Destiny's Child

I will never forget what magnitude, what power they possessed to have been able to move on and make sure the world remembered them for their music and not the drama they went through. 

Same thing in our daily lives, when we think all is calm, no stones are being thrown at us, we tend to find ourselves in a scuffle with a "He Said, She Said" situation that only NEGATIVITY itself knows how we ever got involved in the first place. 

The first thing we try not to do is get frustrated, but we do anyway, then we try to clear up our name and then make sure the situation doesn't get out of hand. If you pay close attention though, what happened to Destiny's Child back in 2000, the same thing here, NEGATIVITY starts when there is a change in our lives, when were trying to break free and claim our independence as individuals once more. 

It's always been said to me that ANY talk about you is good, cause you're name still keeps resonating and it's making those people wonder what you're up to now and they're eager to see what you're feeling.  I agree. What makes others insecure is their inability to keep true to themselves and their incapability to make a choice for themselves that will benefit no one but... themselves.

So in return I give this advice:

You create the world you WANT to create around you. No one is shoving words in your head and making you keep them in your head unless you WANT to keep them. There is an amazing difference between a NEED and a don't NEED anyone to tell you who you are and how far you can go in life, and you certainly don't WANT those type of people around you, especially if all they're wanting to do is bring you down with them. Allow those type of people to get it out, let them say your name hundreds and thousands of times over and over and over again, it's only going to make you WANT to make a change for the better, one that has been a NEED in your life for quite some time. Prove to yourself and to the world that POSITIVITY conquers ALL, and leave behind ALL the excess baggage, let them say and repeat their words over and over again to only themselves!

POSITIVITY conquers ALL!!!

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