Sunday, May 29, 2011


Truly in all reality, it can be a hard thing when you feel trapped, with nowhere to go or nowhere to turn to. You've lost all sense of truth, pride, and're almost feeling like you're living someone else's life instead of yours. It's one of those terrifying moments in LIFE where you think and say to yourself,

"I feel trapped, suffocated.... I need to be FREE of this!"

This medley of these two Destiny's Child songs saved me when I was in need to break free. I was able to attend this concert that you see but in Anaheim, CA in 2005 and I paid a pretty penny to gain backstage passes and 2nd Row dead center seating to what would be one of the last times Destiny's Child was going to tour together. These two songs when I saw them live from my seat in front of my face, made me get the chills and it was amazing to see for myself how "FREE" one could be and really feel.

"FREE" talks about a broken relationship not wanting to mend back together due to the lack of respect, love, and attention that it needed and deserved. It was a one sided view instead of it being 50/50. They sing it with such conviction and everything you would ever feel when you're about to blow up. I loved that they were so candid with the frustration, and yet, they were able to set themselves "FREE" of all that was hurting them. I remember seeing Kelly Rowland sing her part in this song right in front of me and I gawked along as she sang:

No it aint easy being left out
or being forgotten about (bein forgotten about)
You didn't deserve my love
I had enough set me free (free ee) eee ee eee 

Man she gave me such chills!! To see such reinforcement is so amazing as well, cause at one point, you're done hearing and experiencing for others, when finally all you want to do is be "FREE"!

"If" goes right along with "FREE", and seeing them sing this song acapella with no music to back them up was simply magical! This song states that "if you don't see me do the same things I used to do before, don't worry, I'm doing good without you"...sweet and simple! What once was a distorted and foggy view, is now a clear and understanding path. 

For this song during the concert, the girls  were singing in harmony and even though it was a snippet of the song, when I heard:

There was once a time I blame myself for what was wrong,
That’s how I spent all my time when you weren’t home,
There’ll be no more stressing
No more crying
No more trying
I would rather be alone,
Cuz this valuable heart of mine was yours until I realized....

Then they stayed quiet for about a minute until the next song started....the crowd went crazy! I had women and men crying around me due to the amount of emotions that were present at that time, it was unbelievable! Even till now, whenever I hear those two songs, I still remember the clarity I got once that rush of suffocation was hanging on me. 

It only feels good in LIFE when you do what's good for YOU, and YOU live for YOU and no one else. Be FREE and LIVE my friends~!

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