Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To ~be ~Human

If you really think about it, every little aspect of LIFE we see is based solidly based on human action, meaning, humans run the world, humans like you and me. The same humans that run the world, will also always at one point or another try to reach world domination..all in part by simply upstaging one another.

I see it everyday in the salon world and in the corporate settings I work in. Sure enough there's always someone who is trying to make themselves look better than the others. What's the word we use often...oh yes....COMPETITION!

I've had the best luck in my career by working as a UNIT with my co-workers rather than trying to compete for a title that will have the world hating me because I tried to demolish everyone I could that would get in my path. I still see this type of behavior and every single time I see it, it's one of the worst feelings in the world because I think o myself, "Was that really necessary? Did you not think that they're human and have feelings inside?"

I guess some people lose their sense of humanity when GREED get's in the way of their glorified vision. Little do some know that what goes up, must come down at some point. Yes it's true when it's said that there needs to be some friendly competition in order to succeed, but never to the point of destroying one's morale for the sake of success.

Success is better viewed and enjoyed when you work together, when you reach goals and give the struggle an opportunity for you to sweat it out, to make sure that a mistake was made because you genuinely made a mistake, for as we know, nothing and no one is perfect.

If you're trying to reach higher ground, expect to be:
  • Judged
  • Criticized
  • Broken down
  • Questioned
  • Second guessed
  • Scrutinized
This is what being human is all about! Were supposed to feel defeated to get back up, were supposed to cry to make room for growth, were supposed to let the world get to us, if we don't, then were not allowing ourselves to fully know how far we can go and how much we can take on at one time.

There is a RIGHT way and there is a WRONG way to being human, we all know which way to go if we want to succeed and still have our inner selves intact.


Much Love & Respect to you ALL my friends!

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