Thursday, August 4, 2011


Much of Sarah McLachlan's latest album, "Laws of Illusion", was inspired, as she puts it, "By the demise of her marriage". The greatest songs come from pain, as a songwriter myself, I concur! 

I remember when it was announced years ago that Sarah was going to have the 1st of her 2 children, and how excited she was to become a mother...I called my sister and said, "Oh great! This means she's happy! The new album is gonna suck!" Little did anyone know that unfortunately, midway through her pregnancy, her mother passed away from cancer, yet, she was going to give birth in a couple months to LIFE...this is where her following album, "Afterglow" came about and when I heard what had inspired her songs, it was heart wrenching! Yet, some of her best songs came from LIFE, that is until I heard the newest album, which is her best work to date! Unfortunately, it came at a cost..sound familiar???

"Forgiveness" as you'll hear her explain it is about the end of a relationship...which I've talked about before in my own experience in a previous blog, but this is a different side of loss. This is when YOU yourself have already accepted the loss for what it is and what it came to be, and you don't want to live with the guilt, you just don't want anything to do with what you lost, you're saying, "I'll learn to live with it, just don't come back anymore to remind me!"

I've been told before to face LOSS and FEAR head on to fully understand the terms and conditions they come with...and as much as it hurt everytime to come to the realization of it all, the more I was able to learn to accept LOSS and FEAR and the more I was able to say, "Damn that hurt! Ouch!, I'll live another day and see how I feel then". Was it that easy? NO...Did I have a choice? Not really, only to move on. It does get better, not right away, but it does in time. 

If anything, I've been able to continue to LOVE what I've lost, for it was once at my reach and I was able to enjoy what once was..look at it with confidence that you'll find something better out there, you're destined for better opportunities with better outcomes, it just takes a setback to get ahead sometimes.

You don't have to forgive to move on, you just LEARN.

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