Friday, August 26, 2011

There's a little thing called....a DREAM

Lately I've been having the most vivid dreams that seem to be taking me to the other side of the world when I'm asleep. I even dreamt that I worked at a salon that was a 3 station salon and a full was insane! That's one side, now let's talk about another side of a dream most of us know ALL too well....

10 years ago my dreams were that of an adolescent teen who longed to be accepted by his piers and loved ones, I even wondered how long it would take for me to achieve the sense and feeling of accomplishment in my heart. It seemed so far fetched that instead of wanting to try, I set it aside and kept on going as if it never bothered me, I thought, "Maybe if I just don't pay attention to the necessary, it'll work itself out"...

10 years later, present day, my dreams are that of an individual in his late 20's who wants to make the world a better place by showing others that a simple smile can do a thousand things. The harder I work the more driven I get to want to tell everyone that LIFE is not to waste and wither away, LIFE is for growth and for building the best structure you can out of everyday VALUE.

Whether I work with a singer, actor, T.V. personality or an everyday individual, not one person is worth more than the other, everyone in my eyes are as EQUAL as they come. I'm baffled by how the sense of rank seems to put individuals on a higher plane, so far up we can't reach them because apparently, they have others protecting them. Then let me ask this, why even continue to say and act like LIFE is so precious and so important when the complete opposite is being shown? I say, that's SEGREGATION at it's best!

I get it now..that when you achieve a dream, you long to tell others about it and share it as much as you can, yet, it's for others to also see how not only you were able to reach it, rather how are you able to keep up with it and continue to grow from it.

I'll have to say that for me, my biggest dreams were achieved when I was able to help capture a glimpse of happiness to a client who was so down on herself that nothing else mattered in the world. I knew how to fight for the dream of happiness, I knew the pattern to achieve it. So we gave it our best, and needless to say, she is now living what she longed for..her DREAM!

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