Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is Everyday a GOOD day?

LIFE has a whole new meaning for me now than what I was living even 2 years ago...everything from "What time am I eating?" to "Who will I meet today?" and "Is this really necessary?"'s ALL on a different course and I just happen to roll with it instead of against it, I learned my lesson!

As were ALL human and have our defects, we also have times where even the slightest noise that someone makes can be irritable, or even when someone smiles, we tend to say, "Mmm-hmm! They're too chipper for me!" I admit it, I've done and thought it!

So the question is this,

"Is Everyday a GOOD day?"

In my world, for the most part, it is...but only because I MAKE it a good day. I go to sleep to text messages and I wake up to text messages, mostly for hair and make-up because I'm one boring individual when it comes to my personal life. Nonetheless, I do feel the pressure everyday from ALL angles of what way..well, here we go:

-->Make sure ALL color, cut and extension clients are pleased and happy (2 salon clienteles)
-->Make sure to update ALL my sites on the internet (6 total)
-->Market and advertise Busy Little Queen & Company
-->Pay my bills (love those credit cards!)
-->Keep up with my families and friends
-->Plan for 2 upcoming projects for 2012
-->Last but not least...SLEEP!

This is my basic day everyday, sometimes it can be less, sometimes it can be more! I have to say at times it's hard to focus on others' requests when I have to move forward with my own and I get the urge to turn the other way, although I can't, it's not me. I don't mind pleasing others as long as it's within reason. I have a hard time believing that anything is impossible.

I constantly get asked if I ever get tired of doing hair and/or listen to people...TRUTH be told...


I chose my LIFE 10 years ago and knew exactly what I was getting into, although I never knew how far one could ever go with it. So this is why with so many of us here in the U.S., right now it may seem like everything is at a downward spiral when in reality it's a double take on how LIFE was getting out of control, too much was being taken advantage of and it was becoming a "Superficiality".

Now it seems like people are taking their lifestyles more into consideration and are really looking at what they need to get accomplished to make their world, their sense of living, a better place. Not to say that because I knew what I wanted I never have hardships, cause believe me, I've been through the ringer and still get those days, yet, I know LIFE is far too precious to listen to the negative when I can make the day into a positive in a matter of seconds.

Focus on the NOW and Leave the past where it the PAST, cause EVERYDAY is a GOOD day : )

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