Saturday, August 13, 2011

Present Lately?

A good friend of mine gave me a great view of a subject matter I had already spoken about:


So many of us are in full acceptance of ourselves, yet, are we actually living in the present and taking everything in as we should?

How do we know if we are?

Well if you're looking like a Zombie these days, and just saying, "Mmm-Hmm, yeah, ok, whatever"...then LIFE is flying right past you. If for some reason there's anger, or you wake up upset with a heavy heart and can't shake it off, yet you feel as if you're in control...something is not equal and present.

The world is on a different path as we speak, but instead of going against what we see and what we have around us, let's make do with what is being given to us and learn to accept what is given to us in the present to make a better future, to learn from any mistakes and repercussions that have been sent our way. We have the ability to get rid of what we don't need, what we don't want there to be.

To question one's actions is common, yet, to question the world's ability, it's more or less better not to go in as deep. Allow there to be thought, allow there to be solutions, DO NOT allow there to be conflict and let it grow.

May WE LIVE in the Present and Accept the NOW, 
so we may LIVE a better future

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