Thursday, August 18, 2011

Someone Like You

All I can say is...if you haven't heard of or about Adele...then you're living in a cave!

I have both her albums: "19" and "21" and they're both amazing!!! She has such talent, such depth, such conviction in her voice that just like Sarah McLachlan, you can feel their pain whenever they sing about it!

I recently attended Adele's concert at the Greek Theater the other night and for one, it was a perfect venue for her, second, she gave such a great show, her storytelling is inspirational, making you love HER that much more, not too mention her thick voice!

 When I heard this song on her new album, it really captured my heart! Why you wonder? Just listen to it, she really explains her loneliness, her need to struggle with the thought of getting over her lost love. At the same time, she's wishing him all the best in the world in his future, yet, she's hoping that he remembers what it's like for her as well. It's a perfect "farewell send off" song. My favorite line in this song is:

Don't forget me, I beg, I remember you said:-
"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead"

Now you tell me, who doesn't relate to this???! Adele really showed something though that many people don't...UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..true that she had no other way out, yet, I'm sure as bitter as she felt like the rest of us humans do at that moment in time, she chose to showcase her TRUE feelings as well as her TRUE hearts desire and sent the best that her heart was able to send out into the world. Bravery at it's finest!

Something I must say that really took me 8 years to do! Long time yet I have NO regrets when it comes to LOVE...I even sent 2 wedding presents to him and his now wife..UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! I couldn't live with the pain in my heart any longer, I had to make things better not only for me, but I knew that he would be thinking and wondering if I had heard the news of his engagement and  marriage, so to be able to turn the page, I made it known to both of them that I wished them ALL the greatest in their future weight had been lifted off me..and it wasn't till then that I truly learned the value and action of the saying:

What doesn't kill you...make you stronger!


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