Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fit to Be Complete

What's missing?

Job? CHECK    Health? CHECK   Transportation? CHECK   Social Life? CHECK   Diet? CHECK


This seems to be the jump start to a 2012 New Year list for many out there. Yes, I'm VERY observant and VERY intuitive with what's going on around me.

I see a lot of relationships coming to a halt, a lot of people wanting to lose weight, some even wanting to pick and choose what type of job they would like to have....BUT what I don't see a lot of is the fulfillment that one needs to put ALL of the WANTS and NEEDS in motion.

Somehow HAPPINESS is not something that is of importance, because the fulfillment that is desired is the fulfillment of the MOMENT, and not one that should take its time and last its complete duration.

Also, there's seems to ALWAYS be something wrong with a certain aspect of life everyday...for some reason what we already have going for us isn't when are we, as I dare say it:

Fit to Be Complete?

What will it take for YOU to know that you're FIT to be complete? We believe that everyone who see's us critiques every little thing about us, and that may be very true, but WHO CARES??? 

My Dad, a 73 year old man, asked me the other day in an argument he and I were discussing, 

"How will I look in front of other people once I tell them that I can't handle certain things anymore?"

It baffled me that he still cared about what other people thought of him and his capability, people who know nothing about him and don't know him personally...and that's when I chimed in and said,

"What does it matter? Let them think what they want, Are you really that concerned?"

It was an eye opener for me! It also reminded me of my own career.
I'm in an industry where critiques take place daily...and to tell you the truth, I used to dress to impress my co-workers, my salon owners, my clients, and made sure I stood out to many way back in the day. Although now I dress to my own mood, I dress according to how my day looks like and if I will be comfortable in it. I keep to myself and my own world and try to live up to my satisfaction. What I do with my career and choices in my daily life very few know about EVERYTHING, and I welcome opinions and their thoughts, though at the end of the day, I make the choices
fit for my completion

Of course, I have my insecure days where I don't feel fit to my character or positive attitude, yet that's where I search within and make sure I make myself think twice about who I am and what it is that makes me...ME!

If you have a support system, a job that pays the bills and your life daily, you're in good and/or moderate health, go out and have a good time, then you're FIT to Be Complete.
Even if you're lacking something here and something there, it's still a great feeling just to be alive and to conquer another day. 

We ALL lack something, we can ALL improve in some way, and we'll ALL get critiqued in someway, yet were FIT to be a part of this world one way or another, whether you're 3..23..43..or 73 years of age...were

FIT to Be Complete!

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