Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The So-Called Independence

Lately.....and I do mean Lately....did I mention Lately.....well, lately....

There's been SO many people whom I normally consider the "Curious" bunch that have now become the "Debbie Downers" and have at this point in time, self destructed and taken their humor, along with other people down in the dumps with them, and have now called it "Independence"....well, until I put y'all on blast and let you know that this is your:

So-Called Independence

I will say that there are many that fall in this hole and instead of getting over what once was, moving on in the right direction, and again..LETTING GO...they start to become sour, always complaining, and decide to toy with others because they were once toyed with. They make others cry, make them feel worthless, and choose to always want to be right and convince others that their the ones in the "positive" light.

I've learned ALL too well from a certain Mommy Dearest I grew up with. Now she's making the effort and wants to be comprehensive. It did take her a while to fully understand what was that made her want to believe in her "So-Called Independence".

The KEY word here is 

If you're one to question your Independence, see if you can answer these questions TRUTHFULLY:

  • Are you still hurt from what happened to you in your life?
  • Are you bitter when you see others smile or laugh?
  • Do you wish you can find a place to hide yourself from the world?
  • Do you have pent up confusion about your daily life?
  • Are you ANGRY?
If you've answered YES to 2 out of the 5 questions, then you're trapped in your OWN confusion with no way out but aggression. You became a VICTIM of your own pain and therefore expect others to feel what you feel, have others comprehend what you went through, and let the whole world know that YOU COUNT, how dare somebody not take you into consideration!

I'll say this much, to ALL of you who feel this way:

What you went through is an opportunity to change not the past, not the present, but your future. I, nor anyone can really understand what was it that was taken from you, whether it be your pride, your self respect, and/or your time that is of value in this world. We can only offer you solace and comfort to your heart and let you know that if you deal with your pain, you deal with what was GIVEN to you rather than what was TAKEN from you, you'll sooner rather than later LEARN how to FORGIVE those who caused you pain, and in return, the HEALING process will start and you'll view the world in a whole different way. The LAST thing you want to see is that the rest of the world grew WITHOUT you. Grow WITH the world rather than AGAINST IT, it get's easier day by day.

and don't give in to your 
So-Called Independence.

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