Friday, January 6, 2012

Opinion=Listening at Times

An OPINION is simply that at times....just an OPINION. Some LOVE to express it, while others don't ever say anything, they keep it to themselves. Either way, it's that of a Personal it right to say something at times when not being asked to give one? Or can we say it to get our point across no matter what the consequence?

Working in customer service, I at times voice my opinions out loud without having to really think what my clients are going to think about me after I say what I want to say, although, I have wanted to stick my boot in my mouth at various times, then it's more of a, "Well, now I'll just shut up!" Then there have been times where I've been proud to give my opinions, proud to stand up for what I truthfully believe in. It's not always a win win situation, yet that's the part of humanity that allows us to be different and accept each other for who we are (even though it's not really practiced here in the U.S.).

A BIG issue I see a lot of times is that of the opinions of our very own Parental Units. It almost seems like they're never pleased with what us kids have going on, no matter how old we are, we still don't know half the stuff they know and don't do anything right. I've discovered that with them in their generation, they were taught to ONLY do what their parents told them was right and wrong, it was a black or white situation, no gray area EVER existed. In today's world, we have a gray area, we've accepted our parents challenges and have discovered new ways of composing what seems to be good for US, yet, to them, it's THIS way or THAT way.

 New Discoveries=New Adventures

New Adventures=Questionable Lifestyle

Questionable Lifestyle=OPINION


I remember being 19 and having my eyebrow pierced for the first time and changing the color of my hair often (about every 2-3 weeks or so). My Mom (aka Mommy Dearest) got so fed up with me trying new things with my look that she BURST out by saying,

"What is wrong with you? First, you're blond, now you're dark violet, whats next??? GREEN??! Just stick to YOU and call it a day!!"

I of course went the route of questioning her view about me and twisted it around by saying, 

"You're just so confused about yourself that you have to take it out on me! It's not my fault you can't pull off what I can!"

She looked me straight in the eye and said,

"You look ridiculous! I look like a decent woman, not like a walking RAINBOW that glows!"

See in today's world, she would've said that to me, and I would've laughed it off, but back then, I got so offended that I stormed out of her house and refused to come back until she apologized. I know, very drama Queen of me. I now know what battles to pick to took a while I must say!

10 years later she see's me and still has to offer her opinion about my non-existent personal life, my weight, and my career choices, except now, she simply asks,

"May I offer a piece of advice?"

I say YES most of the time, here and there I'll say NO, and when I do say NO I'll ask her,

"Can I just have you listen to me and take in my world for a bit?"

Then she knows that her OPINION does matter, yet it's not the time to voice it. In case any of you haven't noticed by now, Mommy Dearest and I are 2 strong individuals with heavy OPINIONS, yet we've learned that as Mother and Son, we must come to an agreement to really give each other the RESPECT we deserve and expect. It's been crazy and difficult in the past, though it has lead to better times and better opportunities for us both with other people within our circle and careers. 

An OPINION is simply that at times....just an OPINION,
it's better to LISTEN rather than to VOICE.

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