Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sweet Surrender

YES!!! Welcome EVERYONE to 2012!!!

To start us off, let's tune in to one of my TOP 5 favorite artists:

Sarah Mclachlan 
Sweet Surrender is one of her biggest hits that came out in 1997, and as I learned this past 2011 year when I went to go see her at the Hollywood Bowl, this song was originally a ballad, and she played it in it's original form that night of the concert...ALL I can say was MAGICAL!!!!

This song can be taken in many forms and can be described in so many ways in various situations. We'll talk about ONE of those forms that ALL of us can relate to.

Close your eyes, and blank your mind of everything.....breathe deeply in 3 times....
Now you see your one moment in LIFE in a glimpse....
how the 1st time you felt butterflies in your stomach, how those happy times made you feel, when you felt shaky around that one person you actually said the word, "LOVE" to, and now... you pop into the moment when, for the millionth time, you felt so much on you, a pressure that couldn't be lifted... and you saw that person, the person you said "LOVE" to, in a far glimpse, and you let the tears out and slowly they appear to walk towards you, extending their arms and offering you their comfort, and you, fall into their arms in a "Sweet Surrender", the comfort you've always wanted to feel from a special person close to your heart. 

Now you exhale 3 times.......

Most would say that this encounter would be more of a "Baby-ish" one that would only enable us to want to feel what it is that we need to feel, that of a selfish act. Yet, I personally would argue that point of view for the simple fact that, this encounter, is that of the human emotion, the human side we ALL need to at times act upon to release what it is that we are withholding so much inside our hearts. 

Usually surrendering requires a negative action and answers to a negative aspect. Though in a "Sweet Surrender", even though it contains a negative aspect, it is turned over into a positive result, in which involves that of a release. We tend to fight our inner selves so much that it doesn't surprise me that we become our own enemies and have a war going on in our minds. Until that ONE being comes into the picture that offers that Ray of Light, the Hope it takes to really make us surrender to logic and reason. They've become our "Sweet Surrender".

Do I have that "Sweet Surrender"??? Oh definitely!! I have 2 that I always go to, it feels amazing when I give into their energy, it makes everything worth the struggle. Conflict can always arise, yet, it won't take over my being. Like Sarah says in this song:

"Take me in, no question's asked,
You strip away the ugliness that surrounds me
(Who are you)
Are you an Angel?"

It's a mystifying encounter
one though, that cures the soul.

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