Thursday, March 8, 2012

17 Years & You're STILL Here : )

Usually, since 1995, the month of March is always a somber one, due to the passing of an incredible recording artist and human being that lived on this very earth...for the rest of this month, I will be blogging about this great person that not only changed my life, but others as well around the entire world!

17 Years & You're STILL here : )

To me, Selena is still ever so present, she's a continuous inspiration especially when it comes to my craft of hair and make-up. Every now and then I'll get clients who will show me a picture of her and want her haircolor, her hairstyles, her bangs and/or even her updo's that she would do on herself most of the time. I have a picture of her on my hair station to remind me of why I do what I do, and it helps too because whenever a client is trying to look for my station, I always say, 
"It's the one with the Selena picture"
and of course, you can't miss it. 

I do get asked frequently why is it that I have her picture on my station, and I always say,  
"That's my girl! She's my inspiration, she's looking after me"
Many get it while others just shrug it off, in the meantime, Selena's very dear to my heart in so many ways, to explain it would take a lifetime, so that's why I have her picture up, simple as that : )

 We are in the month leading up to the day when we lost her here on earth, yet, she's always remembered in so many ways through the media every year that goes by. This year is a pretty big one, she's being featured on People en Espanol as a tribute cover and story, her husband Chris Perez just released his book about their story and lives together aptly titled, "To Selena, With Love", and a new compilation album of new, restructured and duet songs will be released at the end of the month which will be ONE to definitely own!

I picked up the book by her husband Chris Perez yesterday and I am hooked on it! I had to go to 2 Barnes & Nobles to find it and thankfully, I was able to purchase it. I'm reading it bit by bit to soak up the story that Hollywood barely showed and touched on in the movie, "Selena". It is very well written and it's so touching to read every detail that Chris reveals through his own memory, everything from when he first saw her to when he last saw her, the first time they said 'I Love You' to each other, even when they had their discussions and arguments. He's giving us more than just a glimpse into who Selena actually was, he's allowing us to enter into the world he shared with her, his heart and soul and his tears. In all honesty, this must've been so hard for Chris to write and share with the world, they're such private moments that really give you goosebumps and make your heart melt, because as much as Selena loved him, he loved her even more. To me this puts the puzzle pieces together to his 2 albums of his Grammy winning rock group, "The Chris Perez Band", such deep meaningful songs that really make you want more, let's just say, I'm a BIG fan of Chris' as well!

The new album, 'Enamorada De Ti',  that will be coming out at the end of the month has duets with Selena and other artists from today's music roster and also has restructured songs that she and her band Los Dinos recorded years ago, just a musical updated twist has been added to them to appeal to the 2012 music industry sound. "Amor Prohobido" was re-released as it's leading single with a wonderful duet version with Samo, the lead vocalist from the Pop trio group, Camila, and I can say that this version is AMAZING and very innovative, 2 thumbs way up! I can't wait to listen to the rest of the album!!

 Would it be safe to say that she would've been HUGE if she were still present now? 
Well, she's BIGGER than ever and is ever so present...
Selena is STILL here!

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  1. Wow. Has it really been 17 years already? I remember listening to her in my sister's room when I was younger because she owned at least one of her CDs. I also remember watching the movie "Selena" in the movie theaters & as a little girl I remember just how inspiring her story was to me. She's still inspiring to me today! Usually when I want to get "inspired" & just get in touch with my musical side, I'll pop in that movie &/or listen to her music. It never fails to remind me just how precious life is, just how passionate I am about music, & how important it is to follow your dreams. I had no idea they were releasing a CD this month & also didn't know that her husband wrote a book, so thank you for sharing that information with us! Selena Forever <3