Thursday, March 22, 2012

Selena Promotion 2012

As currently mentioned, this will mark the 17th year that Selena hasn't been with us in LIFE, yet in our hearts, her family and the millions of fans all over the world, her legacy and memory lives on!

Today, Wednesday the 21st of March, Suzette Arriaga, Selena's sister, mentioned on her Facebook pages that her and the family were in Miami, Florida ready to do a full day of interviews and promotion for the new Selena album which is set for release on April 3rd, 2012...
in just two weeks. 

Of course, the interviews stemmed from the Spanish side of the media to the English side as well, and will all come out at various times and dates from now until the release of the album. I'm sure it was an exhausting day for them, yet, a special moment to really let the world know that Selena is STILL here. According to Suzette, the presale of the album can be purchased on iTunes and the album is currently at #8 on the iTunes Music Charts and climbing!! Number #1 is coming!!

This album titled, "Enamorada De Ti" was a collaborative effort between the Capitol/EMI Latin Music label and the family. They both came together to showcase a more updated sound to Selena's music and have there be a twist to the hits that were once on the charts in the 90's. Suzette mentions that when she listen's to the songs NOW, "Selena's voice is STILL so powerful that it was almost as if she recorded her vocals just last week"..she has so much passion in her voice that even 17 years later, it's refreshing to hear what a powerhouse vocalist Selena was.

I literally have almost every Selena compilation you can think of! I hear about it somewhere, and I'm at the store within the next day! I'm on a mission until I get the item in my hands and I'm soaking it in. Years ago Mommy Dearest revealed this to Suzette herself and I was sooo embarrassed! 
Gotta love it!

Amongst the other compilations, this one in particular is a special album because it has a couple of duets from today's artists music roster, it's something that hasn't really been done before, and I remember thinking to myself, "How will she be sounding with someone else on her OWN hits?" Well, I was SHOCKED!! This is the first single that was released about a month ago:

Now wasn't that chilling??! The first time I heard this duet it really gave me chills, Selena sounds so good along with Samo's vocals. Samo himself is a powerhouse vocalist and recording artist in his own right, he's the lead singer of a Pop trio group in Spanish named Camila, they're popularity has earned them Platinum and Gold album certifications and 3 Latin Grammy's

This version of the #1 hit is a blend of sensual and beautiful all rolled into one,
 and being that  Selena y Los Dinos had this as a #1 hit back in 1994/1995, 
"Amor Prohibido"is climbing the charts to the #1 spot once again!

This Selena compilation is consisting of some of her and her band's popular hits and about 3 more duets with other Spanish artists, one of them with Selena Gomez herself.

As Suzette was posting pictures on her Facebook pages today, I couldn't help but to feel warm inside at the smiles that her family had on their faces when being photographed with Selena's album cover. It's really true when they say that family is everything, they'll be there with you no matter what, through thick and thin, family is family! This project and promotion really pulled the family together and I can only imagine how much they really mean to each other now more than ever! 

Abraham, Marcella, Suzette and A.B., thank you for this amazing gift that we can ALL cherish for the rest of our lives <3

Best believe that I will have 2 copies of this compilation, one for the car and the other for my iTunes! Get your pre-ordered copy now through iTunes or get it when it comes out on April 3rd, 2012!!!

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