Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Not Be Happy with What You Asked For?

Before anything, I have to dedicate this Blog entry to "Momma Love"...THANK YOU for inspiring this topic! Muah!

It's ONE thing to SEEM happy, and it's another to BE happy, although, if this is what you asked for, where's the REAL issue at hand?

I keep hearing and actually seeing those around me saying how their lives are just not as interesting as they once were, how they need excitement and inspiration to make their lives better and much more fascinating. Yet, nothing is being done to make that change more or less serves as more of a downer because there's no progress and no sense of direction. If LIFE is like this at the time being, why not ask yourself, "Is this NOT what I asked for?"

As the saying goes, 
"You are what you eat"....
the same goes for what you have around you...
"You get what YOU asked for"

The message is very clear and very simple, no need to complicate the task at hand and/or the issue that needs to be resolved for the best.

What makes YOUR life YOURS is YOU....what isn't supposed to be in your life simply only makes you wonder, "Did I not close a door that I was supposed to?"

 Everything and everyone has a reason for being in your LIFE, no doubt about that, yet you can't be mad at anyone but yourself for living what you live on a daily basis, no matter what the outcome. If you would like a new outcome, let there be a path you can follow that will allow you to make a difference in how you think, act, and dream.

To form options and decipher a path to take

To move in the direction best suited for you, taking one step forward at a time

To have a goal in mind and help it become a reality

Be happy with what you asked for, 
if you are to question that part of your happiness, 
Think, Act, and Dream : )

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