Thursday, March 29, 2012

You know the Who, Yet, You question the Why...

In a way I'm sad to be closing this March "Selena-Fest" blog....she's such a great inspiration and continues to be that everytime I talk about her, my mouth wants to run away with me! She never leaves my mind or my heart, let alone what I do for a living,
 since she inspires it so much to this day.

A lot of you have loved what I've been able to uncover about Selena and her continuous journey through the world she has no longer been a part of since17 years ago. There are so many other stories out there that one can go on forever...I can my opinion, that must be one of the hardest parts about her memory especially for her family still to this day.

We know Selena, the artist, the entertainer who had drawn a crowd of 65,000 into the Houston Astrodome right before her departure, the artist who was daring enough to wear bustiers onstage and sparkled "bra's" on Spanish Television, the artist who took an opportunity to launch her own clothing line and stores to expand her empire, the artist who took the time to sign every piece of paper for fans who would ask her for an autograph, the artist who won the Grammy for Best Mexican/American Album in 1994, the artist who loved to wear her red lipstick...the artist who had Jennifer Lopez play her in a movie in 1997...this is who Selena is to the world.

Selena on the other end was a daughter, a sister, a wife, an aunt, a friend, a best friend, a niece, a granddaughter, a confidant, she was simply Selena. Beneath the glitz and glamor was a simple woman who stood her ground and her values of life's many turns and ventures. She would cut the grass if she needed to at her home, dust her home as any of us would, get frustrated with life if she had an opportunity, pay her bills as needed, and made sure to take care of those she really cared for. By the age of 23 and shy 2 weeks of turning 24, she had LIFE and all it's doors open and she was watering her seeds as she needed to. There was a lot more in her head to plan for the future, her intimate life as well as that of her artistic one.

This year on April 16th she would've turned 41 years of age, by now, who's to tell how far she would've reached in the world, we can only dream of it happening as we talk about her as every year passes by. Although if you look at her record sales and how her image and story continues to inspire so many people all around the world, that alone should tell you that it's a glimpse of what she would've been capable of had she been with us still. To her family and close friends, they lost an essential part of their LOVE, and have since had to rebuild it back up wound by wound. Something so difficult and unimaginable unless you live it yourself.

Many to this day still ask this question though,

"Why is Selena so important?"

For one, she was a positive influence and an inspiration to a lot of people, even her husband Chris Perez has said before that he never knew up to what magnitude Selena had inspired so many out there, how many lives she had touched until the outpouring love was coming to him and her family at the time of her passing. She was kind to the entertainment industry, those who worked on her videos, her music productions, her concerts, you will never hear about Selena throwing a fit about her sound check or her craft service table or what angle she looked good or bad in. Her interviews were always in depth and every question was always answered to the best of her ability and knowledge. She was a true professional. She was a 'go-getter', she wanted to reach a wider audience and she would take chances. Her smile alone was infectious as well as her laugh, she made people around her feel good about themselves. She spoke out to the youth, telling them that "The impossible is possible" and to never give in to drugs and stay in school for a proper education. She made sure that her commitments were fulfilled and made sure people had a great time when it was her turn to entertain a crowd of anywhere from 50 up to 50,000

I don't hear many celebrities doing what Selena was capable of doing at that very young age. I hear and see firsthand lot of complaining, a lot of "ego" trips, and the feeding of negativity when it's the fans, people just like you and me, who put them up there, all for what? So they can live in misery and do drugs and alcohol as many times a day as they want? I see hardworking people who give up their days to film a music video or a segment with entertainers and not even get a 'thank you' at the end of the day. It's a shame to see ALL this go down, and yet, ONE entertainer that was a living soul, ONE who actually took the time to get her job done, would still thank everyone who worked just as hard, if not harder to make her shine and be a success.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and continue to enjoy the traveling and getting to know entertainers and get to do what I love the most, yet, I wish that I could've just seen a glimpse of the true professional that Selena was as the entertainer and the person. 

This is WHY Selena was and still is important. She is the prime example of a talented, beautiful, and hardworking person, inside and out.

Selena--> I will never stop singing your praises! You are still loved and truly missed by so many because you left THE example of LIFE, HARD WORK, and LOVE for us to follow. So many people will always try to talk you down, try to mess with your image, although none of that matters because you're not here to tell your side and defend yourself properly. We will never know why you left this world at such a young age, why many things happened the way they did on March 31st, 1995, yet I'm proud to say that you've inspired hundreds and thousands out there who strive to continue where you left off. You've inspired this 28 year old Hair and Make-Up Artist who was able to love you when he was only 8 years old, and followed your every move from Johnny Canales to Premio Lo Nuestro to Cristina to Dos Mujeres Y Un Camino and all the way to that fateful day GOD brought you back into his arms.

I can't thank you ENOUGH  for the difference you've made in my life in more ways than one! It is because of you that I stand here tall and have been able to go on when at many points in myself I could barely believe in my own craft. It is because of you and your loved ones that I've been able to make MY dreams come true and a TRUE reality..thank you!!!

 Sending you lots of BIG BEAR HUGS like the ones your sister loves when I get to see her.


Busy Little Queen 

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