Friday, March 9, 2012

~I Could Fall In Love~

 Hope everyone enjoyed last night's Blog about the upcoming Selena engagements that are coming this month! I truly hope all of you can pick up Chris Perez's book,
 "To Selena, With Love",
 it's a TRUE tale of a TRUE love story..and just an update on it, he's the #1 top book in Spanish right now, what an amazing endeavor!! Congratulations Chris!!

To continue our Selena-fest, let's talk about one of my personal favorite songs she recorded for her English language album "Dreaming Of You":

I Could Fall In Love

"I Could Fall In Love" was written and produced by the Keith Thomas, a songwriter who actually sings, yet only on Demos, not in the mainstream music business. He lives in Nashville, TN and has his own production company called Yellow Elephant Music, for which he's produced "Colors of the Wind" for the Pocahontas soundtrack, "I Do (Cherish You)", wrote 
"I Wanna Be With You" by Mandy Moore, and countless other hit songs.

In early 1995, he reached out to Selena about having her record one of his songs that he had written so she can put it on her upcoming English album, a song where hadn't put on a demo track yet. So as story has it, he met with Selena and her brother A.B., who was her bassist/songwriter/producer, and he sang "I Could Fall In Love" for them. According to A.B., this man can really sing his soul!! Selena immediately loved the song and signed on to record it. 

On a later trip, Selena and her husband Chris went back to Nashville, TN, and while at the studios caught up and met with Wynonna Judd and hit it off instantly! Chris said that Selena was making Wynonna laugh any chance she could, a trait that Selena possessed with everyone with whom she met up with. Afterwards Selena and Chris went to meet up with Keith so he could give Selena the demo of the track she was going to sing on the next day when she would record the song. According to Chris, when they went to go check in to their hotel, Selena had on her walkman and was listening to the track on loop, yet, she wasn't working out parts or singing out loud, just simply listening. She even fell asleep with the headphones and the track still going that night.

The next day, as she entered the studio, Keith played the track and wanted to see if Selena wanted to practice with it and mess around, and she opted not to, just wanted to go ahead and start recording. Usually, for those of you who've never been in the studio, the producer hears what he/she wants out of the singer and directs them to how it should sound, and the engineer plays the track back and forth to wherever the producer directs him/her to. 

As the track played the first few seconds of the song's intro, Selena just went for it! Chris said NEVER in his LIFE has he ever seen a singer go into the studio and nailing a song the way she did that day! So much that Keith was in AWE of her, threw up his arms and said, "Well, I'll just let her do it!" Chris said that the feeling, the emotion she put in the song was so raw, that he was in AWE of her as well, because he hadn't heard at all what she was working out in her head the day before when she was listening to it. She nailed the song , and what we hear now in the finished product is what Selena had done in her head, and once in the studio, released it with everything she had inside of her. Chilling isn't it?!

When I first heard "I Could Fall In Love" in 1995, it instantly became one of my favorite songs to listen to. There's a video that was released that has a montage of her live concerts and her pictures with her family, although I can honestly tell you that had she released this song and done a video for it herself, it would've been a great concept and a great video. Yet still, it became ONE of her BIGGEST hits in English next to "Dreaming Of You".

Learning of the behind the scenes of this song made me appreciate it that much more, especially her talent to convey such a feeling of falling in love with someone. She definitely set the bar HIGH for the rest of the ballad singers out there, a bar that in my book, has yet to be set higher!

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