Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The answer: Role Reversal

Ever just look at people while you're at the mall, the store, or even at work and wonder what's going on inside their heads?

Being that since I was a young lad myself at one point I ALWAYS had a staring problem, and it wasn't because certain individuals had something on their faces or dressed a certain quirky way, it was mainly because I would catch them staring at a certain object for a long period of time, so in my mind, I was trying to figure out what was surfing around in their head. 

To this day, especially since I drive everywhere, I find it interesting when people are either looking like they have a blank stare, singing to themselves, or screaming into their headphones, it would make for a great picture book for sure!! Yet I can't help but to wonder,  
"What is it that they're looking for?"
 ...just in case you haven't noticed, I tend think a lot!

At this age that I am, 28 going on 29, I can understand and see the frustrations that others may have in my inner circle. A good percentage of you can't stand your jobs because of one person or how annoying one attribute can be. Another good percentage of you don't like the economic state you're in therefore refuse to change anything to fit your current lifestyle. Finally, the last percentage of you feel lonely, as if you're missing something that you're not supposed to be missing, you're searching for that certain spark....and ALL 3 of these situations have one question in common:

"What am I looking for?"

The answer:

Role Reverse your LIFE

Think of what your LIFE would be like if you were on the opposite end of your situation....would you still be asking the same question? Or would you be happy with what LIFE has brought you thus far? Would it make a difference if you had everything within reach?

What will Role Reversal do for you exactly?
 It'll allow you to view your situation in a wider perspective, one where you'll be able to ask the right questions and ponder what is ready to go and what is meant to stay in your LIFE
More like a pro and con list, though Role Reversal examines ALL questions, answers ALL motives and determines an outcome, on your OWN will.

Now I'm not saying that one shouldn't complain about their issues and/or problems, everyone's entitled to, I myself have my days, yet, how long will you be searching for the answer to a question that you can change yourself in a matter of minutes rather than a matter of a lifetime? 
 One can only go so far in LIFE searching for that spark, 
searching for that meaning to fill that empty space. 

I can't tell you how to experience happiness, or how to erase negativity if you're not ready to, although what I can tell you from experience is that when the time is right, when you're ready to put yourself on the reversal side, LIFE will get a lot less heavy and a lot will get accomplished, closing one door at a time with the right ones opening by themselves ready for you to take on the right opportunity.

Nothing is easy
Yet only the strong survive
In the end,
We're ALL STRONG and will SURVIVE!

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