Friday, April 6, 2012

Ask & You Shall Recieve

 WELCOME to April everyone!!

Today in the salon as I was retouching one of my every 4 week "victims" (aka clients), her and I were discussing the progress that one of her sons has experienced in the past 10 months of his LIFE.  Now a bit of a background, I went to high school with her son and he's just a year younger than me. He's been on a career path that has him like a roller coaster..LITERALLY!

He pretty much has to pay his dues for a while and hopefully sooner rather than later he'll be able to get a steady schedule, one where weekends are OFF limits I hope. Although for now, the traveling is extensive and at times, apparent, to where no plans can be made or he has to break them. 
Sounds ALL a bit too familiar (pointing at myself!).

Last year around June I was able to hand out with him and have a good talk for a couple hours and was able to listen to what his thoughts were, his state of mind, his worries, and anything plaguing his mind at the time. Actually we were both able to go back and forth and share our stories and catch up. Now remember everyone, I LOVE to listen to people, I LOVE to be able to offer advice and make sure people feel good about themselves, so this is a natural setting for me.

Not to go into grave detail because I want to respect his privacy, pretty much his main worry at the time was that others around him would look at what he was "trying" to accomplish and yet nothing was coming of it, he had doubt written ALL over him. As I kept listening, he reminded me so much of myself during the first couple years of my career,  and for some reason or other, there's something in our hearts that make us go "What's really my passion?" and "Am I doing the right thing?"
We feed into it and start believing that were not where were supposed to be. 
Yet it's the complete opposite!

TRUE on the outside, very UNTRUE on the inside!

After carefully listening and dissecting his words and feelings, I came up with a sentence that I'm sure hit home, "Why don't you just ask? You know you'll be able to receive it once you ask for it"....he just stared at me...and then it clicked! His face lit up like nothing I've ever seen before.

Then he said, "Well once I ask won't that make me selfish for wanting it?" 
 My response, "Absolutely NOT!"

This goes to everyone, whomever you pray to, whomever you believe in, whomever your heart goes to everyday and night, that being is listening, watching and making sure that the inside, what makes you whole, is always together, as best as possible. When I taught Youth Ministry I used to tell my Teens that if you have something to ask GOD, some favor that you would like for him to fulfill for you, you can't just stand in front of his door and expect him to invite you in. You have to put in your 50%, YOUR effort and make sure he hears your knock, then that's when he'll answer the door and invite you in and talk about it. 

"Ask and it will be given to you; 
seek and you will find; 
knock and the door will be opened to you." 
-Matthew 7:7-

You want something so bad yet nothing is being done..nothing will get accomplished. YOU, your soul, your being is that powerful that even YOU can stand and block your own path. From that point, you're feeding doubt, restlessness and the self pity that one feels when you feel stagnant. 
So what good comes out of this?? Nothing right?!

By saying it, and by putting it out there in the Universe, it will actually make that much more of a difference and make you go farther, one step at a time, and it's better that way as well, 
why would you want things in a rush? 

Needless to say, after my talk with my victims' son, about a week later, his world started to change! 10 months later, he's on the right track, on the right path to success both professionally and personally. I'm so happy that he's found a positive direction and he's been able to accept OPPORTUNITIES as they've shown up. In just 10 months, ALL is flowing and on the opposite of what he was feeling back when. Now it's just moving forward and going up to the next level.

There's nothing wrong with asking for what you truly want out of LIFE as long as there's a collective effort behind the drive. It takes more than just asking, it's taking a risk, taking a leap and even though you might not know what the end result will be, you'll at least know that ALL one can hope for is the BEST..ALWAYS hope for the BEST!

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