Friday, April 13, 2012

Lose, Let Go, Heal

Loss is a part of LIFE...

We ALL come with a beginning and an end...

As some things go up, they must also come down...

As one door closes, another opens...

As we lose what we love, we gain perspective and cherish what once was...

In the end, we move on.

These are the thoughts that circle my head when I experience loss, whether it be an object, a friend, a lover, a loved one, etc. In the past I've always dwelled on what I lost and what isn't present in my LIFE anymore, focusing more on the void that just seems to make itself that much more alive,
 ironic isn't it?! 
The emptiness seems to have control and more LIFE than what was once there. 

When you experience loss, it most often comes out of the blue, at such a shock that it never really sinks in until one day it just hits you, then that's when the release comes and the sadness sinks in because LIFE took a sudden turn. Then there's the type of loss that comes and you know about it, though you can't do anything to change the outcome, in that very moment, 
all you can do is prepare yourself and those around you. 
This is where you start to ask yourself:

"How can I lose something I love so much?"

No one can ever prepare for loss, it's inevitable, it's undeniable, it'll happen...
all that can be done, all that one can ever do is... 

Letting go is the worst of it all, it doesn't make sense ever, though by doing so, 
you're allowing yourself to pick up the pieces and make sure you live for what will come next...

Healing can be a long process if you deny yourself the opportunity to move forward. Healing takes tears, struggle, laughter, hurt, smiles, everything you can think of to make it seem like you're a crazy person. Healing takes faith and a lot self assurance, instead of it being a 50/50 deal (meaning you take 50% care of yourself and let GOD take care of the other 50%), it's a 100/100 kind of deal, 
YOU take care of 100% and GOD assures you 100%.

To some point, and rest assure that everyone goes through this, you will hit a plateau, where you can't do anything anymore, you'll feel restless and tired of forging ahead without there being a difference. That's when you LET GO of the situation, acknowledge you're letting go,  
accept the loss, and let GOD take care of the healing. 

Although, give it a fair shot, a fair battle to know you have the strength of what it takes to survive and say to others:

"I've lost something I loved so much and I survived!"

If for some reason some of you are saying right now, "I don't know how to LET GO..",
 learn to accept, acknowledge and agree that loss has taken place.

From there, take it step by step to know that LIFE will come full circle, LIFE will move on, 
so will you, and you can heal as you go.

Faith and Love will always prevail!

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