Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Dejame Ir" (Let me Go)

Oh it's that time to choose a song!!
 One of my favorite things to do if you've followed me for a while (for those newcomers, welcome!) is share one of my favorite songs that has made such an impact on my life at the moment...of course one that ANYONE can relate to.

Today's choice....

Dejame Ir

I've had the great pleasure of working with this talented trio of singing musicians, and let me just say for the record that they are the most humbling artists you'll find in today's music world! On their albums, they're amazing, and in live concerts, they're even BETTER! Especially when it comes to their love songs, such as this particular one.

"Dejame Ir" ("Let Me Go" in English) is the basic thought of a breakup love song, although instead of your typical cry fest that one has when a relationship has ended, REIK gives the side of having come to terms with what it feels like to be in limbo, what it is to truly feel the pain when having to give a sigh with a lonely heart. Even though it hurts all around, they're telling the other person to let them go, not to be afraid to do so, as they also feel the pain and death of a love once fully alive.

Coming from a singer-songwriter such as myself, you really can't write a love song such as this one without having to feel the pain yourself. This song comes from REIK's 4th album and latest release "Peligro" (Danger), I of course have ALL 4 albums, and with each release that they've put out, the love songs keep getting deeper and have become an essential part of their signature sound. When I first heard "Dejame Ir", it struck a chord with what's been the ongoing theme in the beginning part of my 2012 life. 

I can't tell you how many people I've had to let go in my life recently. Obviously each year, certain events come about that make you really reflect on what IS happening and what WAS supposed to happen. It seems as if this year thus far, going now into 5 months, I've seen more people go than stay. I've even tried to put myself out there to date and get to know different people, and usually, before, when I used to go that route, people would stick around, now, I'm not able to do that anymore. I've battled with, "Is it something I'm saying? Is it something I'm not doing right? 
Am I changing for the worst?" 

Now when it comes to fear, I don't feed into it, I let it simmer and do it's marinating as much as it needs to and I let it go. I know it's not fear that's been straying people away from me, it's been my determination to NOT continue with any excess baggage. There's been times where I know I've seen the outcomes before they happen, in a premonition type of "preview", and my heart holds on to that vision for weeks on end, and then for some reason or another, I never hear from those people ever again. It's hard to always think that ONE day, it'll hurt to let go, yet,
 it'll hurt more to hold on to an empty memory.

Recently when I was invited by one of the band members from REIK to attend their concert, I stood there in a daze before they came onstage, almost in a fog, as always me thinking too much. Yet as soon as REIK came on and started performing their new material, my heart came to reason, and when I saw them perform, "Dejame Ir", it hit me like a gust of wind! I knew then FINALLY that it was O.K. to let go for the right reasons. If I was and still am to truly find my path of LIFE, even though I'm going to hurt, even though I'm going find it hard to breathe and find it hard to believe, once I let go, then THE OTHER PARTY will be letting go and we'll both find the right paths and will be led in the right direction.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple melody, truthful lyrics, and great musicians to sing it to you to make you see clearly. 

Tears usually turn into a smile,
Once you've learned to say, "Let Me Go".

Usualmente las lagrimas se convierten en una sonrisa,
Todo cuando aprendes a decir, "Dejame Ir".

--->Erik Velasco

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