Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pro Life is that important

This is one touchy subject that most don't and won't talk about because it's what we like to call, "Taboo"! Yet, in my opinion, it's a must, even if I am a male, I myself believe in  
PRO LIFE because I lived it with the decision my Mom (Mommy Dearest) took 
with my little brother.

a social and political movement opposing elective abortion on moral grounds and supporting its legal prohibition or restriction. 

 My Mom became pregnant with my little brother at the age of 42, A LOT of people in the medical field were against her having him due to risks she was exposing both the unborn fetus and herself. I remember my Mom actually crying in the beginning of her pregnancy because of so much negativity that she was experiencing around her.

She had explained to both my older Brother and I of the exposure, the risks that were to take place depending on how her body was responding to my unborn Baby Brother, and we were aware of what could happen, therefore we made sure that we kept everything at the house at a healthy pace, including the constant fighting between my brother and I, the daily exercise and helping around the house chores. 

Now in the beginning if the pregnancy, there was the option of abortion
yet my Mom wouldn't hear of it and didn't want to think of it, largely in part due to our faith in Catholicism and also in our family bloodline, 
abortion was simply NOT an option, yet in the medical field, it WAS an option.

I remember as my Mom's belly was growing, it looked like a bowling ball, she really didn't gain weight anywhere else except for her stomach. The very first time I saw my Baby Brother's hand print sticking out of her stomach, it was surreal!! I immediately put my face on her stomach and waited for him to do it again, day after day after day. It was beautiful to say the least.

When she had given birth to my Baby Brother, he only weighed 5 lbs. In the hospital in it's entirety, he was the only 5 lb. baby, and unfortunately, was born ill and was put on observation for the next 3 days. Seeing this baby that had my blood being hooked up to machines and constantly being poked at was horrifying. Going home and just waiting was the worst feeling ever, at that time, my older Sister Mari had come home from college to make sure my older Brother and I were OK (also to babysit us while my Mom was in the hospital). Thankfully, by the grace of GOD, Christian, my Baby Brother, had taken a turn for the better and him and my Mom were able to come home. Holding him was amazing, this little being that used to touch me while in my Mom's stomach was finally in my arms and breathing with LIFE inside of him. Thanks be to GOD!!

Today, he's about to turn 18 years old in May, he's making his own way through LIFE and trying to find his route to take it up a notch, thankfully with the proper help that he needs. Whenever I hug him, I still think to myself, 
"What IF the outcome were the other way around? What IF he wasn't here?
 Would I have become this responsible in LIFE
Would our family still have the relationships we have now with eachother?"

He completely changed our lives for the better ALL because my Mom believed in the right for him to come and live in this world just like any of us have received the opportunity to do so. 
Some people called her selfish because of the risks, while others called her brave.

 To believe in LIFE is to take part in 
giving the opportunity of LIFE

I personally believe in a woman's right for Pro LIFE as long as there's LOVE behind the choice, if there's harm and or danger, that is a CHOICE one must make accordingly, either way....

Choose LIFE!

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