Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flaws make us HUMAN

To feel the pain of a FLAW is to recognize the empty sense of heading towards the wrong direction. We humans tend to punish ourselves severely while recognizing how flawed we really are whether it be on the outside or on the inside.


I'm here to say that it's OK to recognize and admit a Flaw. So many people around us can be judgmental and send us toward the realm of despair without them even knowing they're doing it.  It doesn't help any that when you confide in someone about your insecurity they can make it even worse by judging every form of action you've taken thus far. At some point during the judgments we want someone to understand where were coming from, where it is that we feel the most of our stagnant actions. 

Yet, where can we find those who would understand our need to stop and move on from our insecurity?

The answer to that question can only be answered by YOU only..for it is YOUR decision to want to change an imperfection, a flaw that can no longer exist. 

Now you may ask yourself, 

"Who would allow me to keep growing further down the line?"

Whomever your answer may be, make sure they know the positive benefits to how YOU are able to LOVE in the world...make sure they know how much you respect yourself and others and are always in need of growth and above all, make sure they LOVE you unconditionally!

Unconditional LOVE 
has no boundaries, no walls and most importantly, it has no room for judgment.

We all have flaws that make us who we are, whether for the best or for a lesson that needs to be taught to us down the line as we LIVE LIFE. Believe in yourself that you can make better choices and you can make yourself available for others to be able to learn from your not so happy times.

Allow yourself to fully accept your imperfection as it is 
and as it came to you, 
for the best is yet to come!

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