Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'll Cover You

Back to music y'all!

Most of my time is spent in my lovely Beetle of a car these days. What usually keeps me busy on the road besides dodging other cars and catching up on phone calls is randomly playing songs on my iPod....and well this song recently came up, and it's by far one of very few that make me really think deeeep:

I'll Cover You (Reprise)

In case you haven't heard about the musical RENT, it's a Broadway based musical that has been performed nationwide by both Broadway and Pop singers alike to tell the story of 7 individuals in 1989 New York Tent City during the rise of AIDS/HIV.

RENT deals with subject matter of the initial disease, promiscuity, drug use, love, individuality, the celebration of living LIFE and acceptance. It's a very moving story which really opens your eyes to the other side of the world and what people still to this day must be dealing with. 

The song 'I'll Cover You' is sung 2 times throughout the story and this one in particular is the 2nd time it's being introduced. It's sung by the character Tom Collins (Jesse L. Martin here in the film) whom just lost his partner Angel to AIDS. Earlier in the musical and film 'I'll Cover You' is sung by both of them as they declare their love for eachother and their promise to be there for one another. Needless to say, obviously, Angel lost his battle to the disease and now Tom (aka 'Collins') is feeling the pain and emptiness without having Angel next to him, and while at Angel's viewing, as many of his friends are talking about his life and inspiration, 'Collins' begins to sing the song that they once sang together in their promise during better days. 

To tell you the truth, it's so beautiful the way LOVE is celebrated during this part of the story. It's very sad and endearing, yet, so fulfilling to know that 'Collins' loves Angel that much! His baritone voice just adds that extra feeling to the words of promise. I myself can't imagine how much pain it must feel to lose someone you love that much and can't do anything about it 
but to live and continue LIFE

Most individuals in today's world are not only passing away from AIDS/HIV, Cancer is also becoming a BIG epidemic and no matter what, to lose anyone to anything of that sort is always painful. Losing anyone is painful in itself...though this is where we tend to learn the most out of our strength and willingness inside of us. 

Our promise to ourselves should always be to fight for what we believe in and fight for what is to be true. LOVE is TRUTH, in ANY way shape or form. It's hard to know that one day, we will ALL be put in Collins' position where we must stand tall and learn to lose a loved one, and yet continue to live without them here present. 
My message to those whom already done so and/or are going through it as we speak...know that it will get better, it just takes time to let the heart know of it's initial shock. Surround yourselves with as much love and support to help you get to where you need to be. LIFE has it's many twists and turns, although know that if anyone knows your stance on pain, GOD does....
ask and you shall receive... 
 Understanding comes in many forms, LOVE is merely one of those forms <3

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