Wednesday, July 11, 2012


<Without Beginning or End>

Now what exactly prompted this headline??? Truth be told, a song I heard in a movie last night, and of course, at 1 am, it made me start thinking (my BLQ wheels were turning!).

LIFE has always been conducted by TIME, were always in a hurry, have to go here and there and no time to eat and rest and have to accomplish 5,000 things before 5 pm or the world as we know it will CRUMBLE and we won't live to see another day!! PHEW!!

 Sound like daily American life y'all??? Well, unfortunately, this is what we TRULY are!

TIME defines

-->Will Power

All of which we CANNOT live without because daily, TIME is NOT on our side, and if it is, it's very rare. For some reason, if by the age of 24 we don't have a name for ourselves in ANY business or entrepreneurial venture, were considered failures and will mount to nothing. If by the age of 30 we don't have a settled marriage, debt, kids and 2.5 kids and a white picket fence, then were considered loners who know nothing about LIFE. If were overweight and have a muffin top that shows then were careless and have eating problems because for ladies above a size 4 its considered "obese" and for gentlemen having a gut is in "poor taste" of one's self esteem. 

MY take on TIME...

LET It Be!

Since I graduated high school at 17 I was able to obtain a retail job, get a car, pay my own tags and taxes, share an apartment and become a LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST by the age of 19.

By the age of 21 I had partied my nights out with only 2-3 hrs of sleep per night, was able to create a stable clientele in a salon and by this time I had sold my 1st car only to own a Nissan Pathfinder, was on my 4th year of helping out in a Catholic Church Youth Ministry and had recorded 2 of my  independent solo music records.

By the age of 25 I had resigned my position as Salon Manager at my current salon that I had been with for 6 and a half years, moved to another salon in the next city over, was FINALLY relieved of my 8 year broken heart, had accepted myself fully as a GAY man in society, was getting ready to record my 4th and final music record, enlisted on losing weight to feel better about myself, left my volunteering position at the Catholic Youth Ministry after 7 and a half years, started to branch out for work in Los Angeles to further my hair and make-up career, and 
"Busy Little Queen" had been born.

If you notice, the list was getting bigger and bigger, and, that wasn't everything. Back then I felt like I needed to obtain as much as I needed to prove a point to the world. My world contained ALL that I listed above in what "TIME defines...". Was it exhausting?? 
Yes, but it was a crazy busy world that I had no time to think.

Now at almost 29 years old, my world is busier, although, I Let It Be. I've learned that GOD is the ONLY infinite being that can open doors and allow you to see that TIME is actually TIMELESS, without beginning or end. WE make TIME have it's limits and confine it in a box, and usually we challenge ourselves for it NOT to be confined in our "imaginary" box. 

The challenge should really be NOT to have a GRASP on TIME, and to actually look at LIFE in a TIMELESS manner and enjoy EVERY moment whether good or not so good, for we GROW in a TIMELESS manner no matter what.

I wouldn't change a thing about my past, though NOW I've changed my boxed TIME frame to a TIMELESS state of mind for my present and future..

ANY success is TIMELESS.

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