Saturday, August 25, 2012

Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)

Hahahahahaha! Sorry, just had to get a laugh out there! I know what you're thinking:

"Oh here BLQ goes again with his somber story
 about lost loves!"

Actually, it's quite the opposite in this entry. Believe it or not I actually love this song by the Pop/Alternative group Vertical Horizon.


"Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)" dates back to 
Vertical Horizon's first album, Everything You Want, which was with their first major record label (RCA Records to be exact) in 1999 (right before Y2K!) This song actually was their 3rd single of the album and by then, in 2000, they were everywhere from Leno to Letterman, to my 16 year old bathroom radio boom box on repeat.

When my high school friends found out about me liking this band, they were saying everything from, "What??? Really???" to "But you're mexican!" to "Whoa you're a real white boy now!"

Little did they know that one of my favorite bands are The Cranberries...imagine that!

Even Mommy Dearest caught me listening to this album over and over again and she happened to pass by my room one night and said, 

"How can you like these songs with so much noise?!" 

Then I actually played her this song in particular, and by the look on her face, I thought she actually liked it when in reality she said,

 "Great! Now you're in a sad mood?" 

 It really sounded funnier when she said it in Spanish!

Yes, unfortunately, "Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)" is a very sad song, which actually brings me somber memories, and at the same time, it was because of this song that I was able to move on all at the same time. Due to what it says in the chorus:

But it's not so bad,
You're only the best I ever had,
You don't want me back,
You're just the best I ever had.

I really started to think that if I really had the best I ever had in my heart, and it wasn't for me, 
why would I want it back and vice versa?

I fought against it for so long until it just clicked in my thick head that plain and simple,
 the best I ever had wasn't for me in the long run, and it didn't mean that it was the end of the world, 
it just meant I had to accept WHAT WAS and WHAT IS.

Love, emotions, crushes, fantasies NEVER GO UNEXPLAINED
they simply have a beginning, middle, and an end.

Now looking back and having gone through the patch work I had to go through,
it was ALL worth it...

Leaving me to do nothing but LOVE 
the best I ever had and LOVE the Grey Sky Mornings as well!

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