Monday, August 20, 2012

What ELSE is to be said? SELENA VIVE!

I have to say that the following subject that I'm about to talk about is surely one that should be laid to REST once and for all...unfortunately, will the world EVER be satisfied with the answer that they're being given and/or are receiving FROM THE MEDIA


Ever since the world lost one of the most beloved recording artists, Selena, who was a daughter, sister, aunt, friend and wife, all the media is able to focus on is what really happened in her personal life...

What were her last days on earth like? Was she really happy? Was she leaving her career for another path? Was she hiding anything from her family? Was she in love with someone else?

The answers to these questions have ALREADY been given by her most trusted loved ones and closest inner circle in the very short months after they lost her back in 1995. Yet,  17 years later and counting, people STILL keep giving interviews and continue to come out with obscure and dark stories about what Selena "really" lived during the last years of her short life.

Ultimately, these interviews, statements, stories are ALL invalid

Selena herself is NOT here to set the record straight, and tell her side of what the tabloids and "specials"are accusing her of having done with her own actions. Her family have ALL given interviews on every aspect of who she was and who she continues to be in their heart and soul.
 That's ALL that matters.

The world will unfortunately ALWAYS want to spread lies and milk the story for ages to come. 
The TRUTH of the matter is:

 Selena Quintanilla-Perez was as REAL as anyone else here on this earth is, she accomplished MANY goals in her life including that of having fallen in love with her art of music, fashion, her family and her husband. In reality she was allowed to feel whatever she wanted to feel whenever she wanted to feel it because she was human. Frustrations, tears, sadness, and frowns were also part of her somber days, just like any one of us. She was also happy, delighted, fearless, hard working and strived to be the best person she could be not only to those around her, 
but to the WORLD

She continues to LIVE on through her music and through her family, which whom allow US, the fans to have access to see who Selena came to be, especially as the TRUE artist she grew to become and the INSPIRATION she continues to be for millions around the world!

What ELSE is to be said than....

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