Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paula Deanda (feat. V the Keys)- Climax & Beyond

Now before I start on my good friends Paula Deanda and V the Keys, let me tell y'all that this WHOLE song examination started with non other than....SCENTSY
Yup, the yummy smelling wax!

A friend of mine actually wanted me to try this product out and believe me when I say that I've heard it ALL and TRIED it ALL when it comes to household products, until, my friend Karli approached me with her sales pitch. I am SOLD!!! For all you ladies and gents out there, if you have SCENTSY, place an order from my girl Karli who will be your SCENTSY  guru! If you've never heard about SCENTSY, well hear me out...the story goes as follows:

It's a Saturday night, and I come home to my studio apartment and just decide to lay on my couch and put my swollen feet up on my coffee table. I lay there for 20 min. or so and just zone out, until I wake up and decide to turn on my SCENTSY warmer and put in the "Neverland" wax that just by opening up smells like something that Peter Pan himself would wear as a cologne. As the wax is heating in it's warmer, I turn on my computer and directly go to YouTube to see the new video my good friends Paula Deanda and V the Keys had just filmed for the Usher themed cover song, "Climax".

It TRULY was like HEAVEN was in my studio apartment! I'm listening to V the Keys on the piano, Paula's sweet tendered soprano voice filling the air along with the "Neverland" scent, and all I could do was close my eyes and mediate on the song itself. As Paula's voice is telling me that she's reached the CLIMAX in her relationship and can no longer continue with anymore pain and doubt, the piano keys are like adornments of reassurance hanging on Paula's sweet high notes reaching for strength as she sings, "Where are you now? When I need you around, I'm on my knees but it seems we're...."

Such chills in the hurt of the vocal and in the forceful key playing that it just transported me to a WHOLE other world that consisted of just.....ME. In a room with the clean pine filled aroma of "Neverland" was where I pictured myself, with those who once occupied my heart came in front of me and slowly faded away, just as they once did in real life. As I kept breathing "Neverland" though, it did everything for me except suffocate my senses as other household products have, and in this case, I was very grateful for the clean scent that made me go away to this whole different world.

All this in a matter of 4 minutes and 29 seconds. I was completely out for the remainder of the 2 hour nap my body ever so craved for. When I woke up, my SCENTSY "Neverland" wax was still in full bloom and Paula (@pauladeanda) and V the Keys (@vthekeys) were filled in my heart with their amazing talent that put this Busy Little Queen in a 
relaxed, nostalgic and comfortable state of mind.

Thank you ALL 3 of you LADIES!

Karli Bucklin Rosario
SCENTSY Independent Consultant
Call/Text Message  951-541-6620

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