Friday, August 17, 2012

The Point of Making a Choice‏

Making choices can really go either can sink you or it can revive you, 
whichever way you CHOOSE to look at it. 
We make our lives what they are based on the choices we decide to make:

*ONE of them is who WE decide to become in the world, how we want to be viewed,
whether it be something positive or controversial.
*ONE that is NOT a choice is that of who we are indefinitely...
our being, our soul, our sole purpose of who we TRULY are.
Many in my LIFE have asked me personally 
whether or not if I had the opportunity would I change whom I chose to love?
It's a very strong question thats been imposed on me more than once, and in my response, I posed the
same question on them, and automatically the answer is a firm "No!". It is then that I ask, 
"So why would you think my answer would be 'Yes'?" 
The room has now become silent and the air is so thick you can cut it with a simple knife.
 I chose to live out what I feel inside, not what society wanted me to live for it to be the "right" thing. 
I came to this earth as GOD had intended me to and to live out what it's like to be a human being wanting 
to LOVE and make a difference in other people's lives, that's as simple as I can really put it. 
LOVE as we've discussed in previous blogs, comes in many forms and in many ways throughout LIFE that you can't
put into words what it really is or what it feels like until you experience it for yourself. 
Once it's been experienced in your heart, 
your body and soul, you know what it entitles not only in your heart, but that of your whole body, 
inside and out. 
Now knowing that, please answer this for me...
WHY on earth would you want someone NOT to feel this
 extraordinary and intense form of 
vulnerability inside them for another person?
  1. Because they can't help but to LOVE their same sex?
  2. Or is it because they're a different color than that of the person they LOVE?
  3. Maybe it's because they're older or younger than they're significant other?
Whatever the reason,
you can choose HOW to LOVE yet NOT choose WHO to LOVE...
The point to making a choice is to believe in your ability to LIVE for yourself and
not for others to LIVE your LOVE for you. 
If that were the case then GOD would want us to ALL be the same and 
not be different from each other.  
I AM different, although its MY CHOICE to allow you to see how different I really am, and the TRUTH IS,
I'm no different than that of yourself, 
I just CHOOSE to LIVE and let others LOVE as they should...from their hearts.

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