Friday, August 3, 2012

Te Extrano~I Miss You

This musical number is actually from a dear friend of mine that has SO much talent in that tiny body of hers that she doesn't even know where else to spread it!

Ms. Marabina Jaimes is an accomplished Latin (Mexican/Puerto Rican) Emmy Award winning actress/singer who makes her presence known wherever she's at! She's graced and taken the voice-over world by storm and has pretty much appeared in the vast majority of the television shows to date. She was also on the much anticipated Latin version of "The View", the internet show sensation "Let's Talk", which made a great impact on many levels.

Now the music world has gotten it's just of Salsa singers which include Marc Anthony, Elvis Crespo, Tito Puente, the late Celia Cruz amongst many countless more, and well, in my opinion, and with all due respect to Celia Cruz (whom I love and respect very much), Marabina Jaimes has the powerhouse vocals to be amongst these top Latin Salsa Recording Artists!

"Te Extrano" shows the longing vocals of a woman who describes the depth of an intentional lost love with whom she knew it wasn't going to work out in the end, yet she just can't help but to sing about how her heart misses him so.

Marabina really displays her affection for the love lost lyrical content that showcase her astounding and VERY controlled vibrato...meaning...she knows where to place the power in her vocal. As much as she says that she just can't live another minute without her lost love, she knows as a woman that her heart needs a better match, and if anything, a better way to live LIFE with the right LOVE.

We humans are very contradictory when it comes to LOVE and it's many blissful moments. When we tend to let someone go, we miss them to NO END, and when we have them near us, we can't wait to send them away! My goodness can we make up our minds already?????!

In this case, Marabina is missing her lost love in the most purest of loving ways, she misses his heart! Don't believe me??? 

Judge for yourself.....

Right????! You go Marabina!!!

Te Extrano also available on iTunes

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