Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A New Chapter...Why is it so scary?

Chapters in our lives are so prominent and apparent that when we KNOW it's time to write our last sentences and turn the page to begin a NEW chapter, 
we second guess ourselves and procrastinate. 

Trusting our instincts is difficult because were being swayed in both the path were longing for and the path were currently on, prolonging decisions and wanting to make the infinite choice that will decide our future.

So why is it that we find it "scary" facing a new chapter in our lives?

Couple reasons:
  • We can't imagine living any other way other than the way were living at the current moment.
  • Were afraid as to what others might say and in what category we get put in their minds.
  • Crossing that bridge might either bring us to safety or it may crumble, uncertainty.
  • How might we be able to survive with just our own support and values?  
  • Will Success follow or will Karma have its way with me? 
I used to always make myself crazy thinking that by starting a new chapter in my life would mean that I couldn't handle my current situation and so I was looking for a way out. Until I really looked at what was really going on and found out that I was in a stagnant place in my life and I needed to find new challenges, new outlets and most importantly new goals. I had come to a point where I surpassed what I was yearning for and I made sure I took what I needed from my current experiences. I was ready to MOVE ON.

Moving on to the next level stimulates growth, makes you stronger, and takes you to uncharted territory where you never thought of stepping into. It's the best form of keeping intact without having to fall apart.

Fear as always is very common in this situation, if anything make a chart of Pro's and Con's and allow BOTH the facts and your drive to take you to where you need to be. 

Take a Leap of Faith 
watch yourself GROW!

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