Monday, October 8, 2012

Permission NOT Required

I am always compelled to HAVE to understand why it is that certain individuals RESERVE the right to want to take the very essence of one's existence and MAKE a decision that they feel is right in their minds?!

In other words....

Why is YOUR permission required to live MY life?

29 years I've lived and have yet to understand others' insecurities about choices I make according to my liking and the way I choose to live. Same could be said for those whom have lived before me and those who will live after me. NOT understanding something doesn't mean you have to go against it or that you have to fear it. It simply means that you must research and if you can, TRY and WALK in the shoes of whom you are unable to understand.

Whether it was in my family, elementary school, middle school, high school, beauty school, church,  youth ministry or a simple walk down the street, there was ALWAYS something I had to prove, someone I ALWAYS had to explain myself to, SOME TASK I had to accomplish in order for others to feel safe. One thing is for sure though, for some reason I felt as if I always needed permission to feel safe in my own skin, then come later to find out that I NEVER needed anyone's permission to LIVE freely and LOVE to the best of my ability. 

It's hard to hear and see when someone you've loved and cared for the longest time doesn't want to see the weight lifted off your shoulders simply because they deny your truth and heart. Although on the other hand, if we weren't able to live and experience rejection and stubbornness from others we wouldn't be able to build our strength from the bottom up. 

I can say that I don't hate anyone that's ever rejected my heart, friendship, gift and way of life. I don't hold resentment against anyone who wasn't able to understand and feel acceptance for what it truly is, and neither should you

Knowledge is something were born with and we must continue to feed our minds and hearts whenever possible, even when we are confused and concerned. The only way we can stop growth from happening is when we refuse to let our minds expand and live within the box of our comfort instead of exploring what's on the outside of that comfort.

Permission is NOT required to LIVE and LOVE
for we ALL come from the same place and ONE source...
whomever that may be...

For me, I know 

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