Monday, October 29, 2012

You Know I'll be the One

This phrase can be taken in so many contexts, and of course they ALL lead to the same conclusion, just as it's written:

You Know I'll be the One

Ever pushed away anyone you've cared about a lot?

Done it more than once to "protect them"?

Are they the only ones who stand tall with you in the end?

The human soul and heart can be cruel in many aspects especially when it comes to our many insecurities that others instill in our minds. That's why when usually we have someone so dear to us we tend to push them away to not have them see our damage that exists inside. 

For many reasons, it's NOT O.K. to show true frowns, it's only possible to show ALL smiles..

How UNTRUE this is!

Without the frowns, we wouldn't have the smiles
and without pain
we wouldn't have the power of healing

Whether it's an addiction, a disease, an insecurity, an infectious way of living, know that there are at least 1-2 people around you that are willing to go through the storm with you. We look back in time at the Kings and Queens of the world, and even back to the B.C. era, they all had those next to them to help them heal and be guided in any situation. 

It's natural to get angry when our hearts become weak, it's natural to see many become concern for our well being. This is when we know that what we go through, what we feel, what tears we shed, what knots we get in our throat, they're as REAL as anything else that make us human enough to LIVE everyday. Those 1-2 people, or even more if were that lucky, are as real as your feelings, and will continue to be there in light of anything that comes your way. 

Fight against the stones that are being thrown your way, fight to keep your sanity and your mind clear of any clouds that come. DON'T fight those whom you know will say, 
"YOU know I'll be the ONE!". 

They'll be around for a LIFETIME...that I promise you!

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