Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Find Myself Here (The Imaginative Future)

Craving the imaginative future that one holds in their mind is why we strive to make ourselves better, why we make certain decisions based on certain beliefs we hold inside, why we continue to become the positive reinforcement that everybody else around us learns from and why we love to let others know about our struggles and our successes. 

Sacrifice has a huge part in it as well and makes it worth while, at the same time it can create a stigma of "Were missing out on something". In TRUTH, when we LIVE and allow ourselves to LOVE what we LIVE, were NOT missing a thing. We gain so much in experience and meeting people from all walks of life that instead of "Missing out on something", were building and connecting to our future by choosing people that help out our personalities, path, and outcomes
For as any one of us crave to be that success story.

Once were at the brink of it all though, right when were about to jump into the next stage, were in a room and say:

"I Find Myself Here"

and reminisce about our past, what it took for us to realize what we've wanted to achieve, along with the losses and what we've managed to gain.

We hope NOT to freak ourselves out and start to question our choices and how we think we should handle our next move, yet don't you find it interesting that really all it would take is a split second to either throw it all away or make the best out of it?! 
One second changes

I'm glad to know and realize though that it's us solely, our own mind that finds itself standing in that room with nothing but our own hopes and dreams wanting to make it. Nothing and no one can change anything unless we decide to do so.

When you find yourself there, standing in that room, search and look toward what your dreams are. Though the thing to remember is, you've already gotten this far, already realized so many dreams in the making, now it's time to reach out, push yourself and not only crave that imaginative future as much as you can....
 start LIVING your dreams as much as you can!

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