Friday, January 11, 2013

Move Away From This

"I've got no time for bitterness. I wanna move away from this.
I've found myself somebody Ooh ooh ooh."

Back in 1999, Melanie C, aka "Sporty Spice" of the Spice Girls released her debut solo album aptly titled, "Northern Star". Over in Europe it became a big hit while not so widely recognized in the States, it received moderate success for it's songwriting content and wise musical direction from which the Spice Girls were known for world wide. 

I actually found "Northern Star" at a Barnes & Noble in the summer of 1999 and had a listen to some of the tracks. I instantly fell in love with it! I bought it with my allowance and gave every song my undivided attention and read every lyric in the booklet. I was hooked although instead of spreading the word to my friends about the music I had just discovered, I kept it to myself and made sure to put it on every afternoon that summer of 1999. Brings me great and fond memories! 

What really made this complication of music so dear to me was the way it was being sung. It had smooth harmonies, infectious melodies, real life story telling and most of all, an artist evolving into her own individuality. I could relate to each song, even back then at 16 years of age

One song in particular that I was able to grow close to is called, "Be the One", which describes the need to want that certain someone to mean everything you've ever wanted them to mean to your heart, yet they're the ones being uncertain about who they are around you. 

How many times are we not holding out for the "right person" and all they're doing is stalling our worlds...?! We keep hoping they'll change their ways and actually show how they truly feel for us, how they should accept us how we are, though as we ALL can lead a horse to water yet you can't MAKE him drink it!

 Same goes for ANY relationship of any kind..just when you think you're making things better, in the end you're making things worse until you wake up and suddenly it clicks and you say,

"My time is valuable" 

It sure is!!!
 If you EVER need help weeding out the ones that have value over the ones that are in it for themselves, just simply stick to the lyrics Melanie C and her team came up with to round up this melodic song:

"I've got no time for bitterness. I wanna move away from this.
I've found myself somebody. Ooh ooh ooh."

Be the One that knows what you want <3

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