Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Open Door of "Unpretty"

We ALL have our days when we feel good, when we feel empowered, when we feel like we can tackle on the day...then we have our days when we feel what is called "Unpretty"...we feel ugly, bloated (Men and Women), useless, and cranky. 

Out of those two ways that a human can feel, we try to always go the positive route, yet I have to say this...sometimes we must leap at the chance to open the Door to:


Why? Why not close that door for good? Why must we give in to feeling negative?

It's necessarily a "Negative" Door per say, 
it's a Reality Check

Everyone these days love the Reality Shows that are continuously showing on television and we can't get enough of seeing others in their turmoil, and as we say, "Better them than me" right?! Well by seeing others struggle, in some sick and twisted way, we find it interesting and amazing. I know when I see others struggle my face turns inside out and deep inside I'm waiting for the positive side to show up quick, especially if they're airing it on television. 

Along with seeing others struggle, we can identify at times with their pain and it can at least give us answers to what and how we can deal with those types of situations. Even seeing themselves cry is a reality check in itself I'm assuming (nobody wants to see themselves cry, we don't look that great).

As I've stated before many times, were in this world together and if anything we must give eachother a hand when we feel "Unpretty". Most times we try, yet we have times when were saying in our heads (about others),  
"Ohhh hell here you go again!" 
 I'm sorry but let me tell you this reality:

I felt "Unpretty" for 8 full years of my life and only 2 people stuck by me throughout those tumultuous years, and I would cry out of nowhere, I would feel unworthy, and even would question myself week after week. I felt crazy, and plenty of times I felt like I wasn't able to ever dig myself out of that hole. It wasn't until I faced my own challenges, my own fears that I was able to slowly get out of the "Unpretty" mentality. To this day, those 2 individuals are STILL in my LIFE and remind me of how much I'm loved by their hugs and hearing the words "I LOVE YOU". GOD is a HUGE part of my LIFE as well, and without HIM, NOTHING was and is possible. 

Next time you feel "Unpretty", don't close the Door, OPEN it and see what you can do to face your fears and challenges, it's your Reality Check wanting you to come Full Circle

Next time someone close to you feels "Unpretty", make them understand they're LOVED no matter what, and allow them to see how great they are through your eyes, 
they'll be able to see it soon enough.

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