Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Acceptance is ALL it takes!

The word "Acceptance" really has its way here in the real world! I'm amazed to see how it plays a role not only in my life, but to see it in action in the lives of my loved ones and clients around me.

9 times out of 10, we don't seem to greet "Acceptance" into our lives for FEAR of the aftermath:

*Will it change my life? For the good or for the bad?
*Will I ever relapse back into my old mind frame?
*Will I alienate  and lose "friends"?
*What will everyone else think of me?

FEAR can hold us back so much to the point that it can get so deep, that every time we are meant to take a leap, were doing nothing to advance and make ourselves better for our future. I can fully understand that when we may seem to feel the urge to be challenged and suddenly want to follow that feeling inside, there's always the thought of, "What If?"....therefore if we get stuck on the "What If?", it becomes our security blanket, but for ALL the wrong reasons!

Really think to yourself on this one, why would you want to stay the same for a year, two years, three years, four years, etc.? There comes a point in time when REGRET will start to set in and then you you start to think to yourself, "I wish I had that new car" or "I wish I had a better job" or "I wish I had a better job"...unfortunately,  before you know it, it can be too late.

So, I pose this question (which is actually the same question I ask myself every time I feel the need to be challenged):

When was the last time you challenged yourself and ACCEPTED the outcome?

Life keeps going and going and before we know it, it's been 5 years and then some....why not feel empowered, happy and fulfilled? It's easier said than done, yes...yet, by ACCEPTING a challenge and taking a leap forward, it allows the first step of a new beginning, a new you! People come and go, were meant to learn from them and move forward, the very few we need will stay and ACCEPT you for who you are no matter what! How great is that?! Learn to take the good in with the bad, it only makes us humans stronger, that means that the best is yet to come!

Somewhere floating in the Universe, it's been said:

'Once you've learned to ACCEPT, you've started the journey we call LIFE'

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