Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Are you REALLY that BUSY?"

In 2008 I along with my older sister Mari established
and have taken care of every aspect and action of this name and what it stands for:


Thus far, we've been happy with how receptive the world has greeted not only the name, yet how every time we hear "Busy Little Queen" there's always a smile that follows. My sister Mari is also my business manager, therefore, we have meetings over what goes on with any association with
upcoming projects, image, what's being portrayed behind the chair, etc. She makes sure all is flowing in the right direction and makes sure MY head is on straight with everything that's going on, for I'm the one that's executing every aspect that involves work.

To my salon clienteles, there's only one side that they always see, and usually it's a 2-2 1/2 hr. view. To the studios, it's only what job I have in front of me for the camera the one side they see. As I carry the name "Busy Little Queen", I constantly get asked the question, "Are you REALLY that BUSY?" The answer is...YES.

Thankfully, ALL that I do and ALL that I have I give Glory and Praise to GOD, without HIM, nothing is possible.

I take care of 2 clientele's in 2 different and distinctive locations, I work in the Entertainment Industry as a freelance hairstylist for recording artists and models, I'm a signed make-up artist and hairstylist to a major network, I network my own website and social sites making sure all is up to date, answer emails, send emails for new job opportunities, set up my own photo shoots, and most of the time work anywhere from 6-7 days a week sometimes with no days off for 3-4 weeks at a time, and I have family that I hardly get to see, but when I do, I cherish every moment I have. ALL this, and I still have my sanity!

There are times my patience will get tested, this past week was one of those weeks, yet I make sure I keep my composure because of the professional image I have, although, I am human and make sure I have other outlets I allow myself to explore. My phone is always on for anyone to reach me with anything they need, and yet, as some take advantage of this opportunity, I make sure it's a 50/50 road, nothing more and nothing less. I hear all the good with the bad and there are times my heart is so scrunched that it's hard to focus, although that's where my sister chimes in with  the best that she can give me both personally and professionally.

Due to what I have going on, I've lost friends and family and I've also cut some out of my life. I have a firm belief that when you have an opportunity to grow as an individual, you have to take that opportunity and run with it and make the most out of what you're given. People will always come and go, the ones that stick around will know how to accept you for who you are. Thus far, it's worked like a charm. If anything, If and when the time comes part ways, I make sure it's done on good terms and move on to the next chapter in life.

BUSY LITTLE QUEEN & COMPANY is more than just a title, it's a way of living. I carry this name with so much pride and stand by what it is. I want to make sure that the message goes across the board and helps those that need all the love they can get not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. That takes a lot of time, love and dedication, even if it means I have to sacrifice my own the sister knows and fully supports me when I say...IT'S WORTH IT!

A special THANK YOU to ALL who have supported and continue to support
BUSY LITTLE QUEEN & COMPANY! Stay tuned for more to come and much more to live....

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