Monday, March 7, 2011

Pressure=Good Results (if applied correctly)

Who here feels like they're always under pressure? I know I do.

It can go both ways:

<----In a good sense of the word, being and/or working under pressure allows the creative juices to flow and most of the times, the best of you come out like pourin' water!

---->In a "not so good" sense of the word, being under pressure can make you want to bang your head on the wall, therefore causing a meltdown and make you think you're going crazy!

As of right now, I hold down 3 jobs and still manage to somehow do my own projects on the side. Everyday is a new revealing day and I don't know what will come up or who will be texting me or emailing me next, etc. If anything, I've always known how to function under pressure, yet there are still times where my tone can get very firm and I'm the brink of giving people "The Look" (I am my mother's son, she taught me that look very well). I make sure though, that I understand that I am the one responsible for the pressure in my life, and make sure I don't take it out of context.

I meet new people all the time, I have to satisfy my clientele on the dot each time I see them, make sure hair and make-up look good on camera when I'm in the studios, make sure I'm smiling bright for the world to see the TRUE me. If you ask any of my siblings, especially my sister Mari, she knows when something's not right. She's taught me that it's not always necessary to smile each moment of the day...that I'm allowed to "feel" and let things out when they need to come out. It's refreshing to have someone know what you feel like, to know that they can pat you on the back and say, "It's Ok to be human". Needless to say, it's a BLESSING!!!

Many of you always ask me, "Why are you doing so much?" Well, here's my answer:

You live once, and this life is very short. I want to make sure that before my body gives out on me that I can visit as many places as possible, that I can stretch my mind to what the world has to offer, and also, to capture people's lives in a positive way. If anything, my main goal is to be successful in the hearts of all! Money is a good thing to survive, yes, but not to live by. I was given a gift, a story to unravel and to share with those who are famous and those who live paycheck to paycheck. I want people to know that what you see is "real", what I'm living is "real", and what and who makes life is "real". Changes are always apparent, but change is good! The pressure I seem to feel often at times is that I aim to please people constantly and make sure that what I do and create is flawless....yet, I'm starting to see and realize the reality of it all and what makes us "real" is "imperfection", and that's Ok! Life wouldn't be as precious if we didn't see and experience our mistakes, it's what makes us who we are as people. So don't kid yourself now, embrace yourself and buckle up!
So, does "Pressure=Good Results"
Yes, only (if applied correctly)

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