Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All About Aubrey---->WOW!

So for a while now I had been seeing ads and commercials for Aubrey O'Day's new show on Oxygen simply titled, "All About Aubrey", and I have to be honest, I wasn't happy to see them because of her past history with Danity Kane, and I was like, "Again? Another show?".....until today!

As I watched the show, I began to crumble bit by bit,  and after the 1st segment, I was hooked! She really got a bad vibe from "Making the Band" and was used as the ONE who was to blame for the group's demise. This first episode dealt with her explanation about what happened, her ambition of recording and dancing again, the whole "finding the right guy", and her weight gain.

I have to say, in the Danity Kane days, she was awesome vocally and a great dancer, but as she explained it this time around, it all looked awesome and amazing, but she was so unhappy. A lot of people around her brought her weight gain to her attention, and first hand, I know how that feels, she felt like crap! Emotional eaters do that all the time, we slim down, we go back up, everything looks good when were sad and so we want to eat it, yet, when were "happy", were being controlled and not able to enjoy who we are. This was a good look at what entertainers go thru, they're human just like everybody else. But if you want it, you gotta abide by the rules, unfortunately, that's the way it is.

I believe she looks better with her current curves, although t.v. will add more pounds on, but if you feel good about yourself, you can't beat that. Her hair is looking amazing! Cesar her stylist is keeping it soft and bouncy (kudos to him). When she had to wash off her make-up and take her shirt off to satisfy her choreographer to show him her real self was a "WOW" point of the show where she just lost it. She shed real tears where you can actually feel for this girl and how her past image is haunting her current one. After that meltdown, she killed her dancing! I was glad though that her choreographer got real with her, and he wasn't joking either. She's definitely buckling down on the whole package though, her dancing, her vocal skills, and her image in the industry. Reality shows have a way of "Making You" or "Breaking You", and hopefully, with this being her second chance, it will "Make Her".

I fell into the trap of not liking her because of what image she was portraying, yet, there's always TWO sides to every story, and I'm gonna keep watching to see what unravels, and...she's worked hard for her name, so in my opinion, she deserves golden opportunities. I know that if I was in her position, I'd want a second chance to prove myself.

"All About Aubrey" is on Monday's at 10 pm/9 pm Central on Oxygen...check it out!

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