Friday, June 3, 2011

Where to Belong

When trying to find research for subjects, more times than often, it jumps right at you!

This week it's been 3 times that I've heard 3 different people, all different ages, have said that they are completely lost in their journeys, and don't know where they belong. I've been's one of the most frustrating and agonizing feelings one can ever feel.

The exact word is "Inadequate"'s how I was able to move past the slump and time my position in life accordingly:

-Took a Look Around
I had to examine my friends, acquaintances, family members and the places I was hanging out at to see who and what was the best thing for me. I had to let go of some friends and acquaintances due to the lack of respect. I didn't feel like I was being treated fairly and was constantly questioned with every decision I made. Same with family members, deciphering who were the negative from the positive was actually easy, true colors really show when you least expect it. As for places, food was becoming my best friend because I was feeling empty, so instead of going to restaurants, I went for reading books and looking for new music to uplift myself...I somehow knew what I was missing.

-Time was of the ESSENCE
I will NEVER give decisions a second glance! I had to learn to trust my own decision making and know that I knew the best outcome for me. Even when it came to my daily job, insecurities got the best of me and made me have disbelief in what I loved doing. I could've slapped myself silly at that point! Why was I letting doubt throw me for such a swirl that didn't even need to go through...therefore, whether the outcome was a good or questionable one, I went with my gut instinct and stuck to my final answer, I was able to build up my strength slowly and one day at a time.

-TRUST Thyself
The only way I was able to get through my troubled nights was actually spending time with myself, watching a movie or a show by myself, making dinner just for me, reading a magazine peacefully, and most importantly, reorganizing what was best for me, my self-esteem. I was having such trust issues because I wasn't giving ME the time of day or night...sounds easy yes, but it was hard and very trying.

-Resurrected my Faith 
YES! I went back to basics....I went back to the one being the whole world can't see in front of them, but can feel the burning fire every step of the way! LIFE was so much better when I had GOD around me, when I acknowledged that he was present in my daily mind and LIFE. The more I was getting lost and started to believe the negativity the more I was losing trust in my faith and forgot how there was someone out there who actually cared what I was going through, even in my most intimate  and deepest thoughts at night. So I started praying...and I started to have these "talks" with GOD often. In the car I'm sure I looked like an odd ball talking to myself but let me tell you, it was therapeutic! I was allowed to say anything I wanted, release everything in my mind and heart and actually go through and examine exactly what I was saying. Then I was able to LET GO and have FAITH that all would turn out as it should. It was then that I regained strength and realized what I had forgotten: GOD is GOOD!

Time is on our side... yes, we NEVER know where we'll end up, although at least we can guide ourselves to achieve the most that we can, and in the end, know WHERE TO BELONG.....
the choice is ours!

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