Monday, June 20, 2011

10 Year Anniversary

So this is actually a big year for me, 2011 has marked a 10 year Anniversary for several occasions in several aspects of my life...all of them actually believe it or not I'm so very proud of! At the same time I GASP! especially with how fast time flew by...that's life though...can't have it any better than that!

So here we go:

It's been 10 years since...

--->I graduated High School (Class of 2001)
I feel like "Romy & Michelle" at times because as much as I try to internally grow up, I'm still a kid at heart...although I'm not gonna go back to my reunion and claim that I invented "Post-its"! Actually, my 10 year Reunion is going to take place this year on October 1st, 2011 in the same city I graduated in....Temecula, Ca. A lot of us are squeamish about coming back and seeing each other, while others of us still keep in contact either through spouses, Facebook, and/or jobs. At one of the salons I work at in  Murrieta, CA, I work with 2 of my classmates from High School, and when clients find out that we all went to school together they ask the dreaded question, "Do you guys still look the same as when you did back then?" We simply say, "Um, NO! Were hairstylists, we change every week!" Its always good to make a joke out of a sticky situation like that! I just hope some of my girlfriends whom I still keep in contact with decide to join me at the last minute, they're not too thrilled to come back, so maybe I can coax them with a FREE makeover! Cross your fingers~

--->I have been in the Beauty Industry

I graduated High School in June 2001, decided to rest for 7 weeks, then went right back into looking for my 1st job, get my driver's license, get my 1st car, and enroll in Beauty School, not kidding you, I accomplished all these goals in one month. My mom called it "ambitious", I simply called it the, "My Mom is gonna kill me if I sit on my butt for more than a week" type of ambition! I enrolled in Beauty School in late August 2001, which at the time gave me my start date on September 11, 2001. With enrolling in school, that same week I applied for a job at the Temecula Mall in a store called, Trade Secret, which was a beauty supply and salon. The manager at the time told me she was going to call me if she wanted to hire me...well, I went back after a week of no call backs, and asked her why she never called me back?? She said she was waiting for my call, yet she told me she would call me...hahahaha, I was very confused! Anyway, after our little tiff, she hired me on the spot because I argued with this day I'm still in communication with her and one of my co-workers from that store (Special hugs to Mari and Cherie!) When I started  Beauty School on 9/11, it was a horrifying day with what was going on, so it was hard to capture my new surroundings, even though I was in a class of 40 women!!! Oh every gay teen's dream! Luckily I survived with no scars : )

--->I've had my Best "GUY" Friend 

I have 4 Best Friends, 3 of them are women, and 1 of them is a guy which whom I consider a Brother  of mine, our bond is one that has survived everything!!! Jason and I met personally in October 2001  when I started my 2nd year of Confirmation classes at St. Frances of Rome in Wildomar, Ca. I was in a very dark place at that time due to my "Coming out of the Closet" in earlier months and losing all but 5 of my friends due to the BIG news. This is why I wanted to fill my time with task after task, it hid my pain for the time being. So the first time I met Jason in class he was asking a bunch of us what grade we were in high school, when he asked me, I glanced with an evil look and said, "I'm in College, NOT in high school!" Jason along with 4 other of my piers looked at me so puzzled and had that "Wow, sorry!" look on their faces. Then he found me interesting because everyone loved Jason, he was this gravitating force that everyone loved to be around, clearly not me at the time. Then a month later he called me at  my house and was asking if I had a book we had used the previous confirmation Year, then I told him that I would call him back because I needed to find it, so he gave me his number. I called him 5 min. after and then we sparked a conversation. From that point on, we started calling each other, hanging out, and then a friendship was formed. He's a great soul from which actually both of us have learned so much and have grown to LOVE and RESPECT each other, and our own personal relationship with GOD. We've been through tears, arguments, happy laughs, celebrations, broken relationships, you name it, we've done it! He now has a beautiful wife and a 9 month old daughter whom I love very much! The family has grown as have our hearts, and we thank GOD for putting us in each others path, he's the reason why we LOVE the way we do <3

--->I came OUT to the World

I had to officially come OUT of the closet in May 2001 due to me falling for one of my close friends (I've written about him in a couple of my other blogs). I wish I had the support that teens now have in school and even with their family and friends, it makes things a little easier for the future which is great! I've been fortunate to have a handful of people around me that love me unconditionally, they've been with me through my inner battle of me, myself and I. I didn't know which way was up at that time, and to top it all of, I had finals, choir concerts and graduation to worry about..for a 17 year old, that's brutal! I survived thankfully, and soon began my mission to discover myself and ACCEPT myself for who I was. A mission that took me from the age of 17 to the age of 25. I've had my ups and downs, it took time for me to heal from all the wounds that were created for years. Was it worth it? YES!!! I've grown to LOVE GOD and know why I was put on this earth:

To teach others that LOVE comes from the individual, it takes a BIG person to understand who you are and have the ability to respect you, the time will come, and until then, learn to LOVE and RESPECT yourself for who YOU are and NOT for what society wants you to be.

So as you can see, 10 years has brought me many influential people, memories I will never forget, and lessons I will pass on to future generations! On to the next 10 years : )


  1. Can I go with u to the 10 year? Lol most of my friends graduated then!

  2. Girl you are more than welcome to!! Fun for everyone : )